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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad you're here! I'm Meg and Becoming his 31 is just a little place where I can document the exciting {and not so exciting} happenings of my little family. 

Growing up I always kept a journal. I love to write down memories and then look back a few years later and reminisce; I'm an old, long-winded, sentimental soul. So that is what you'll find here! I love to share about some of my passions like my family and my faith, I also share some of my cooking and DIY successes {and failures!}, our house projects and all about my love for running. I hope you'll take some time to look around and share your passions with me!

So who am I?

Well, most importantly, I'm a lover of Jesus - a sinner, saved by grace through faith in the Son of God who died in my place. I mess up and make mistakes {alot!} but I try to live my life according to the Bible and in a way that honors God. When I do mess up, I know where there is repentance, there's forgiveness and grace.

Second most important, {to me} I'm the wife to my incredible husband Mark, who makes me laugh daily and loves me thoroughly in the in and outs of the day to day. We met in highschool, dated through college, and got married in 2012. You can read more about our story here. Mark is my best day ever and my wildest dreams come true. He's my protector, provider, biggest supporter and my favorite partner in all things life

We recently had a baby together, so now we're partners in our biggest adventure yet - raising the sweetest 1 year old baby girl you will ever meet. You can see her birth story here and here. In fact, you'll see her face quite a bit here on the blog; since she's our first we are a little obsessed. We hope to give her a few brothers and sisters in the coming years, and I'll be sure to share our parenting adventures around the blog.

I used to be a full time physical therapist assistant, but after having Reaghan I cut my hours way back to working only 2 afternoons a week. {And some Saturday mornings.} I love my job and the people I work with, but I am so happy to be spending the majority of my week at home {though we are rarely ever "home"} with my babe.

{Working in a child and adolescent sports medicine department has its perks - like goofing off on our rock wall to show off our tough mudder head bands!}

What else? Well, I love to run {I've done a couple of marathons and other long distance races} but if you saw me in person you probably wouldn't peg me as a runner just from my physique. I'm on a never ending quest to lose a few pounds, gain some muscle and just be healthier in general - but theres also the teensy tiny fact that I love ice cream, cheesecake and pasta {or carbs of any kind} and I think that a "perfect" body isn't worth totally giving up all of those delicious foods. Moderation is key right? ; )

Some other randoms about our little family... 

We love football! Mark is a Cowboys fan and I'm a Redskins fan so we have fun during football season ;) You can read about how we spent our first married Thanksgiving in Texas at the Redskins v. Cowboys game here. {....the Redskins won that one, just in case you don't remember!}

...and we also have the sweetest most energetic Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix named Piper! We bought her for our first married Christmas as a present to each other. She loves to play fetch and go on walks and she sheds a ridiculous amount of hair every. day.

So what about the name of the blog? What is Becoming his 31? If you are a christian there is no doubt you have heard of a Proverbs 31 woman. If you haven't heard of it, please take a minute to read the chapter here! Proverbs 31:10-31 is titled "The Wife of Noble Character." It starts off like this:

This. This is a short but thorough summary of what I want to be for Mark. I want to do him good all the days of my life. All the days of his life. I want his heart to trust in me fully. 

The chapter goes on to speak of all of the virtues that this kind of wife has - wisdom, faith, a diligent and hard working spirit, and strength - just to name a few. It says that this woman is loved by her children, educated about finances and knows how to use her skills to provide for her family. A Proverbs 31 woman knows her worth and knows her responsibility to others and even to herself. She also knows that as a partner in her marriage she has tremendous influence on her husband's ministry. She knows how to integrate her domestic and professional life to enhance the work of her family and her husband in serving the Lord. She passionately protects and provides for her family but ultimately knows that the Lord holds the future and has no fear of it. She is wise to the ways of the world but lives by the wisdom of God. 

These are high standards. Sometimes they seem impossibly high. But then again, nothing is impossible with Christ and I know there is always grace for when I fall short - because believe me - I fall short in all of these areas. 

I share this with you because the underlying theme in all of my posts, in all areas of my life, I am striving to be like this Wife of Noble Character and thereby "Becoming Mark's 31". 

It will be a lifelong journey, of this I'm sure, and it is this journey that I'll be sharing here on the blog! I hope its something I can look back on one day and reminisce with a lot of laughter and maybe even some tears.

Again, I'm so glad you are here! I hope you stay a while and share your thoughts, and in doing so I hope we can encourage each other in life, in marriage and in motherhood!

Much Love,

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