Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Life Update

It doesn't feel likes its been 25 days since I last posted but I guess it has!

When I last wrote I showed a pretty poor quality picture of our new house that was taken through my car window on a random drive-by of the house after we bought it but before it was officially ours. And unfortunately I haven't taken a better one yet.

Things that I normally blog about but that got totally overlooked this month because of all of the moving craziness were Mothers Day and our Anniversary. I feel like those are events that I have to write down so I can look back and remember them so here's just a quick recap of them both:

Mothers Day

We "celebrated" with gifts on Saturday morning because we knew Sunday would be super busy. Mark was on rotation to play drums for the morning church service so we knew we would have to get up early and then would be spending time with our families after church so Mark and Reag brought me breakfast in bed. 

 Reaghan running in to me to bring me breakfast in bed and my gifts!
You can see the boxes and bags that are all over our room from being in the midst of packing.

Mark bought me a fit bit and he and Reaghan made me a cute little apron that, in the words of Mark "has room to add lots of future kid's hand prints." <3

Our church had backdrops set up Sunday morning for families to get their pictures taken before and after services. I'm not a huge fan of the way I look in the picture, but it was the only family one we got that day. : /

4th Anniversary

Our 4th anniversary wasn't anything overly exciting except for the fact that Reaghan had her first sleepover away from mommy! We dropped her off at my parents house for the night and then went out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. I had been craving a juicy steak! After that we did a little shopping and picked out a bedroom set for Reaghan's big girl room that we're going to introduce to her shortly after we move in!
After all of that we headed back home and spent the rest of the night .... Packing. Exciting anniversary stuff right? ; ) We had a POD delivered to our house that we had already started filling up so we got a lot more boxes put in there. The next morning was a Friday morning so Mark had to work, but since Reaghan was still at my parents I was able to get a lot more packing done which was super helpful because Sunday afternoon was our last day in our house.
(Reaghan did great with her first sleepover by the way! She didn't go to sleep until about 11:30 that night but that was because Grammie and PopPop were enjoying her company too much. I missed her for sure and it felt strange going to bed and waking up without her there. Thankfully we were so busy with moving stuff that I didn't have time to dwell on what a big girl she's getting to be!)

Recap over. : ) After we moved out of our house that Sunday we moved in with my sister and her husband for the week as we waited to close on our new house. We had a great time with them and we're so thankful that they opened their home up to us not only for us to stay with them but also store a lot of our things that we couldn't fit in the POD. Especially since they now live only 1.5 miles from our new place so the next weekend when we moved in it was super convenient for shuttling things back and forth. I was sad that the week went by so fast and that we were so busy the whole time.

I promise to post house updates soon! I'm so excited to share our new place. It still doesn't really feel like its ours.   

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