Friday, February 16, 2018

See Lilly Grow {1 year!}

I rocked my sweet Lilly a little extra the night before her first birthday, savoring the sweetness of her baby cheeks and warm breath, her chubby hand reaching up to touch my face and giggling behind her paci when I kiss at it. I would've loved to have rocked her forever and get sentimental thinking about how fast she's grown this year... but this girl doesn't fall asleep in my arms anymore! There's only so long I can rock her before she changes from relaxation to fighting sleep mode. I gave her lots of kisses, lots of hugs, prayed with her and put her to bed for the last time as a baby. This girl is busting through the gates of toddlerhood. 

She is adventurous and curious but not necessarily fearless. She is loud and opinionated in all of her screeching glory. She loves people and makes her presence known everywhere she goes. She's quick to flash smiles but also quick to fall into an epic meltdown. She has intensity in her veins. She is impossibly sweet when she wants to be and challenges my patience with her constant need to find everything she's not supposed to have. We love her endlessly and can't imagine our family without her. 

Lilly hits her one year birthday weighing 20 pounds and around 28 inches tall. 12 month outfits are starting to get a little too small for her, wearing mostly 12-18 and 18 month clothes. 

She got 2 more top teeth and 1 more bottom tooth. So a total of 6 teeth right now :) Our family caught a 24 hour stomach bug a few days before her birthday, thankfully Lilly only had a few runny diapers and nothing else. She has probably been the healthiest family member this winter even with the few colds that she's had. Probably thanks to still being breastfed.

She still nurses 3 times a day, Morning, before her afternoon nap and at bedtime. Occasionally Mark will feed her a bottle after her nap on the days that I'm at work if she's fussy. She eats almost anything you put in front of her. Her new favorite thing is Greek Yogurt. She ate fish for the first time this month and liked it. We're working on NOT throwing her food on the floor when she's done eating. If Reaghan is still eating breakfast when I get Lilly out of her highchair she immediately toddles over to Reaghan's little table and asks for bites of her food. I've started handing her the spoon after I put food on it and she can bring it to her mouth on her own. 

Bed time is still around 8pm. She gets cranky if she's up much past that. She isn't waking up as early any more, usually wakes up around 8-8:30. I'm a super happy mama when everyone can get that much sleep/quiet time at night! She will take a small morning nap (45min-1 hour) and still taking long afternoon naps 2+ hours. 

She likes to open and close cabinets and pull kitchen items out of the cabinets that don't have child locks on them. She likes to pull out the DVD's from the entertainment center and carry them around. She loves to play with any size ball. LOVES to climb on things - the stairs, the fireplace, Reaghan's little rocking chair in her room. I know she's going to try and climb out of her crib at some point - something Reaghan never attempted. She likes to sing "If you're happy and you know it..." She loves her paci. She loves to squeal, give hugs around the neck and open mouth kisses. I love when she pats my back when she gives me a hug. She likes to hold play phones to her ear when we say "say hello!" Likes to brush her hair. I love to watch her become more intentional with her play - feeding baby dolls bottles, putting things in/out of cups, etc. 

Her biggest dislike is still sitting still and sitting quietly! She doesn't like to be told No, but that's not a big surprise! She has recently started revolting against mommy at bath times... Full out tantrums in the tub when I try to wash her hair. Lord have mercy. She gets Hangry. Snacks almost always brighten her mood. She doesn't like cows milk or almond milk. She's not interested in watching any type of TV. 

She is walking around everywhere and rarely crawls anymore. She says, Hi, Mama, Dada, Nin Nin, "EIEI" (when we sing "EIEIO") and has just started trying to say sissy now that she has more teeth! She gives high fives, waves "hi" and "bye", FINALLY started using sign language and does "please" and "all done".  

Sibling Love
Reaghan has started going in to her room to play and shutting the door so Lilly won't come in and mess up what she's trying to play with. haha We are having lots of talks about how Lilly is still learning how to play and how to correct Lilly in love... so she has to ask mommy first, but sometimes I'll let her play in there by herself without worrying about Lilly. On the flip side! I've been able to put them BOTH in her room and shut the door to play together for a few minutes if I need to do my hair/make up or talk on the phone quickly without interruptions. Reaghan continues to be a wonderful big sissy and big helper and sometimes I have to remember that she is only 3 and I can't actually depend on her to "watch" Lilly! 

Special Events/Outings
We took a family trip to Great Wolf Lodge for her birthday but unfortunately it was cut short because of the stomach bug we caught!! We got to enjoy one night there and about an hour at the water park. Her and Reag really enjoyed playing in the water!

No more monthly updates or formal documentation of all of her milestones! She was pretty much over sitting still for these photo shoots anyways! Most of her pictures will likely be action shots from here on out ; ) 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Gender Reveal Party: Baseball or Bows

We didn't do a gender reveal party when we found out the sex of Reaghan. We just did it the "new" old fashioned way by having the ultrasound technician tell us right there during the ultrasound if our baby was a boy or a girl and then told our families in a cute way... balloons for my family and a cake for Mark's family. With Lilly my mother and sister-in-law really wanted to throw us a Gender Reveal party so we agreed and it was actually really fun to find out all together. My sister-in-law had Party City put the pink balloons in a box so no one at the party knew the gender until we opened it and it was an exciting way to find out with everyone.

So when my sister Erin finally got pregnant through IVF after 7 long years of infertility, I knew I wanted to throw her every type of baby related party possible to celebrate every step of the pregnancy!

ACTUALLY, I decided I would throw them this party as soon as they decided they were going to go through the IVF process. Before they even knew they were pregnant I found a "Baseball or Bows" banner for sale on facebook yardsale. I decided to buy it in an act of faith that they would be able to conceive, and praise the Lord they did! I am so thankful for the Lord's faithfulness and graciousness to answer our prayers that has nothing to do with my feeble acts of faith.

The baseball theme was an easy choice because Erin's husband, Adam, played baseball all through high school and college and is currently a youth baseball coach. My sister Sara and I planned a whole baseball themed party and had so much fun decorating and putting it all together that I had to share some pictures from the party!

(ignore the yellow umbrella ;) the weather wasn't playing along with our plans!)

We had everyone enter into a raffle with their guess of the gender. 
If you guessed right you had a chance for your name to be drawn from the right jar to win a gift card!

The wreath was reused from our gender reveal party, it was made by a coworker of my mother in law.

These signs originally came from Etsy, but were the ones I purchased second hand from the facebook yard sale site.

Sara and I also went to Michael's to get the pink and navy pendants to create banners to hang in the dining room and we also cut baseballs and bow shapes out of card stock and made banners to hang in he family room.

Because it was baseball themed we chose to go with baseball park foods!
Hot dogs and Nachos!

The concession banner came with the other Etsy banners I purchased!

Erin's mother-in-law made adorable baseball and bow cheeseballs and they were delicious too!
We also had Peanuts, Baby Ruth'ss (duh right?), Pink starbursts (because we needed pink candy and Erin loves them!) and my mom made Caramel Corn (Cracker Jacks!) to finish off our concession area! 

There isn't really a way to make fruits and veggies baseball-ish except for to put them on home plate shaped food boards : )

Have you ever done a Nacho Bar for a party? If not, I highly recommend! It was so easy and fun! I made the cheese in the crockpot, it stayed perfect all afternoon, and put toppings out for people to create their own plates. It was deliciously easy.

Sara made these tissue paper pom-poms on her own! She's definitely the creative, artsy sister!

My mom found a cute baseball onesie that she couldn't pass up so then she bought some girls bows and things to complete the theme so we decided to display them with clothes pins near the cake.

Erin's best friend's daughter is a little baker in the making and enjoys creating cakes for special events. She did an amazing job with this baseball cake that I asked her to create and cute little mini cupcakes. They were cute and delicious. 

Sara and I were up late decorating the night before, and at 1 am while watching our favorite TV show "PSYCH!" we had a brilliant idea to create a photo booth wall! It kept us up another hour while we taped and twisted streamers to the wall, but I'm so glad we did! It was fun and it turned out so cute.

Reaghan was very enthusiastic about hoping the baby was a girl!

Erin was definitely feeling the girl vibe too...
(Shirt came with the Etsy find!)

Team Boy!

Grandma's had differing opinions on the baby!

And so did the grandpa's!

Mark and I were Team Girl!
(Girls are all we know!)

There were way more members on Team Boy...

...than on Team Girl!

So who was right???

Thanks to the Rain we had to set up some tents in the front yard to keep everyone dry, but most importantly the powder dry! I was so afraid the moisture would keep it from exploding the way it was supposed to! Thankfully it wasn't a problem!





I can't wait to meet my nephew this June. <3

Friday, January 12, 2018

Blizzard 2018!

Last week we had a blizzard blow through coastal, VA! Like a legit snowstorm blizzard. Crazy enough we had a big snow the exact same time last year, and we thought that was a lot of snow! We had maybe 6 inches or so and truly, thats a big snow for this area, but it was nothing compared to this year! We got 12 inches this time around! It was crazy, and then it stuck around for a good week because the temps here were below freezing for several days. I never remember having this much snow for this long when I was kid, I would've loved it just like Reaghan loves it! She got to go out and play in it several days... it's not quite as much fun as a parent haha am I right?!

I mean, don't get me wrong. I had fun playing out in the snow with her and watching her love it, but it takes us a good 30 minutes to get all bundled up, I'm exhausted before I even get out there! and then there is all the laundry afterwards. I'm totally on board with it for the first 24, maaayyybbee 48 hours. But after that... The snow can go! I was definitely getting cabin fever by day 4 of being stuck at home because the roads were so bad.

I finally did run to the store on the aforementioned day 4 and somehow in my excitement of getting out of the house and going to Sam's club all by myself... I lost my wallet somewhere between walking out of the doors of the store and getting in my car. AND whats worse? I didn't even realize it until the next day. *facepalm* ugh. Trying to get everything in there replaced has not been fun.

But back to the Snow day! I had every intention of getting on plan with some healthy eating to counteract all the holiday treats the week of the snow storm.... but c'mon... Snow means hot chocolate and all the comfort foods! Like homemade donuts.

The untouched blanket of snow after it all fell!

Fun in the snow:

Day 2:

I took this girl with me to check in on a couple of our elderly neighbors. We were able to get the mail for the lady that lives next to us. We didn't do anything extravagant but it was a fun time trekking through the snow with her and teaching her some practical ways that we can love our neighbors.

Day 4 and the snow is still there!

It has been in the 60's the last 2 days so the snow is all melted away and all that is left is muddy yards and dirty cars. OH. and Christmas decorations that we definitely need to take down this weekend!