Addison's Birth Story

By Meg - 8:58 PM

Its birth story time! `I didn't write much about my pregnancy this time around or share baby bump pictures but I definitely want to write about Addison's birth!

I'm a prodomal laborer, which means I basically legitimately labor on and off for a couple of weeks before its "go time" and once the real deal hits my babies tend to come pretty quickly. Reaghan was born 5 hours after we got to the hospital and Lilly was born after only 2 hours. With this downward trend we were a little anxious about actually getting to the hospital on time with Addison!

Pretty true to form I was 2cm dilated and 60% effaced at 36 weeks. With Reaghan I was so excited when I got that same news at 36 weeks and immediately went home and packed my bags thinking I would go into labor any day... this time I knew better! I had occasional contractions but nothing significant until 38 weeks. At that point they started coming in more regular patterns for an hour or so at a time but each time they came on it was with varying intensities. I was finally wise enough this pregnancy to just let my body do its thing and not tire myself out trying to speed anything up... until the weekend of my due date!

On The 18th I walked with the girls over to my sisters {about 1.5 miles} for dinner and had some very strong contractions and back pain on the way. They were intense enough to make me stop, lean on the stroller and breathe through them but once we got there and I sat down to eat and rest, everything stopped. I wasn't surprised.

The 19th was my due date and I had zero contractions all day. Mark and I went out for a date night that night to enjoy some one on one time, knowing it might be the last one for a while. That night around midnight I started to have contractions that were about 10 minutes apart and just strong enough that they were keeping me awake. I moved out to the couch so I wouldn't keep Mark up and started timing the contractions just to see. They were coming every 10 minutes, then 8, then 5, then 9, then 4, then 12 minutes. They were all over the place. Some were 10 seconds long and no big deal and then some were 45 seconds long and I'd have to really concentrate through them. In a cruel twist they would actually fade when I stood up to walk around and intensify when I was laying down... and they went on like this all night. I was so hopeful that this was it but I was waiting for that "knock me down" contraction to convince me that these weren't going to fade away again... it didn't happen. I went back to bed around 6:30 am, contracting no more and completely exhausted.

40 weeks!
The 20th was a Sunday and we just stayed at home all day because I was so drained from the night before. I had a couple of contractions that day, but they were mild. I wanted to go for a walk again but there was a nasty Nor' Easter passing through that kept us inside, so instead Reaghan and I did some squats and lunges together and some sideways stair climbing. I did some cat/cow positions to try to help baby get herself in position if she wasn't there yet. A few weeks prior I had suggested to an over due friend that she should try some relaxation techniques to get her labor started so I decided to take my own advice! That evening I took a bath and listened to some mindful birthing podcasts, focusing on how I wanted my delivery to go and praying. It was actually just what I needed. I felt refreshed, ready to breathe my baby down, and not worried about when Addison was going to decide to come.

The 21st I woke up at 7:30 with a small contraction just after Mark left for work. It was so mild that I didn't think anything of it until the second one came 12ish minutes later. I got up to get the day started and realized that I lost my mucous plug! I knew at that point that this was the real deal and in hindsight should've called Mark right away to tell him it was time, but I'm always SO hesitant to say its time to go to the hospital because of the way my body does the whole start and stop laboring! The girls were still asleep so I checked my hospital bag and put a few last minute things in there. The contractions were continuing and getting a bit stronger so I got dressed in what I planned to wear to the hospital and did my hair and makeup.

At 8:45 am I finally texted Mark to let him know what was happening and told him to keep his phone close. {Again, should've told him then to come home so we could go in, because I knew it was definitely the real deal, but I didn't!} The girls were sleeping in unusually late, but it was a huge blessing because I was able to focus on getting things ready to go while laboring peacefully by myself for a bit.

At 9:30 am I texted Mark that today was definitely the day but that I was going to get the girls breakfast and would let him know when I thought he needed to come home. {Not super smart considering our fast baby history, but I was just so comfortable laboring at home and felt like it was all under control.} I got the girls up and told them baby Addison was ready to be born! They were so excited. The contractions were getting to the point that I had to stop whatever I was doing until they passed but I didn't want to scare the girls, so I told them my belly was squeezing really hard and it was just Addison's way of letting me know that she was ready to come out! During breakfast I had a contraction that had me on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor and there it was! The "knock me out" contraction I was waiting for to know it was time to go. {Precious memory: Lilly got down on her hands and knees with me, curious about what I was doing, and I pretended I was looking at the muffins in the oven, so we looked and breathed together.}

At 9:56 am I texted Mark to come home and asked Erin to come over. {I had also been texting her all morning letting her know what was happening since she was going to watch the girls for us.}

At 10:20 am we were on our way to the hospital. I texted a few people to let them know I was in labor. {Side note - I texted a friend/coworker to let her know because our friend/boss was having a scheduled c-section that morning at the same hospital! We had joked all year about having our babies on the same day because our due dates were only a week a part and I couldn't believe that it was actually happening!}

At 10:45ish am we were at the hospital and checked in. We joked when we parked that we didn't have the baby in the car like we were worried about! I actually felt really good! The contractions were coming about 8-10 minutes apart and even though they were intense, I felt perfectly fine as soon as they were gone. They weren't tiring me out yet so I thought we had timed getting to the hospital just fine and that it would be a few hours before baby was born. In triage they got me hooked up and checked me. They said I was about 7cm dilated but she couldn't tell for sure because the amniotic sac was bulging and she didn't want to accidentally break my water since I was GBS+ and I needed to get antibiotics. They started wheeling me into the L&D room and on the way down the hallway things ramped up 1,000%.

At 11:00 am I was in the room and I was in the dreaded transition phase. They kept trying to hook my IV antibiotics up but every time they went to do it I would have a contraction and they'd have to stop. I was sitting on the edge of the bed while Mark rubbed my back, but Addie's heart beat had been low for a while and they couldn't monitor it well so they had me lay back down and called the doctor in. When the doctor came in she told me they might need to use a vacuum to help the baby out and I just remember saying "No. No vacuum." haha She was so sweet and explained that baby's heart rate had been low for a while and if it didn't come up soon we'd need to get her out. I knew it wasn't going to be much longer but couldn't really verbalize it at that moment. I could only manage "No." haha. Praise God the doctor finally told the nurses to stop trying to give me the IV because it wasn't going to do any good at this point and then she broke my water to try and help baby's heart rate to come back up. Unfortunately there was terminal mec in the amniotic fluid so they had to call in the pediatrician and NICU nurses so there ended up being like 6 people in the room aside from Mark and I. Mark said it wasn't chaotic but in my memory it just felt like there was a buzz of activity going on around me and it's the only drawback of the day for me. I wish it had been a little calmer in the room. Thankfully Addie's heart rate did come back up after she broke my water and I was allowed to move again.

At 11:20 am I tried to get to my hands and knees on the bed but was stopped by the worst contraction of the day... I was on my side and thought I might die. I laugh now thinking about that moment because I definitely got a little dramatic during that contraction! I'm not a screamer, I actually tend to hold my breath {which also isn't good!}, but I was sort of writhing around while death gripping the bed over my head. Ha! Once it passed I rolled back to my back to catch my breath for a second and refocus on embracing the contractions, not fighting them, and breathing down. As the next contraction was building I felt an intense pressure, I started breathing down, and as the contraction continued in the next few seconds I could feel her sliding down! It was so surreal, I didn't experience that with the first two. I remember zoning everything out and just focusing on feeling the contraction do its job. It was incredible. No one in the room was ready for her, not even Mark, because I had never said anything about being ready to push, I didn't even realize she would be coming with the next contraction! I said "She's coming" and the doctor whirled around and said "Oh my gosh, she's here!" and reached down to catch her as she was coming out. The nurses rushed over and grabbed my legs and had me push one more time to get her shoulders out and she was born!

She was precious; healthy, so clean, and had a perfectly round head!

I felt amazing because I hadn't spent an hour pushing her out! I wasn't tired at all so I was laughing with Mark, the doctor and nurses about how fast she had come and apparently how calm I had said "she's coming."  I even got to cut her cord and its such a sweet memory! I've never felt so great immediately after giving birth.  I was shocked when they told us her birth weight was over 9lbs!

My mom and Erin brought Reaghan and Lilly up a few hours later to meet her and this picture is one of my favorites of all time. You can tell how instantly they fell in love with her. I'm humbled by this sweet life God has given me to live with this man and these 3 girls.

I missed my big girls while we were in the hospital and Reaghan with her sweet, tender heart had a hard time leaving us there after visiting. She tried to be brave but couldn't stop her tears. {Lilly, however, was ready to go get some fresh air ;) }

Since I never got the antibiotics before she was born we had to stay the full 48hrs but finally got to come home on a beautiful October day! My mom and sister Sara stayed with us that afternoon to watch the girls while Mark and I napped and then Erin and her family brought us dinner that night. We are incredibly thankful for our family! We even had friends and family bring us meals the next week and felt so blessed by our church family being there to help and support us.

The big girls have been simply obsessed and the best sisters ever since. Our Addie Bear has been the sweetest, sweetest gift to our family and we thank God for her!


Addison Leigh
Born at 11:20 am 
(about 40 minutes after arriving at the hospital)
 9lbs 2oz. and 20 inches long.

My friend Ashley and I were roomed right next to each other and the same doctor delivered both of our baby girls. They were born just a couple of hours apart. We got to visit with each other during our hospital stay and it will always be a fun memory from Addie's birth.

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