Podcast Recommendation: Oh Hey Truth

By Meg - 8:53 PM

A couple of months ago my cousin shared a podcast that some acquaintances of hers had started.  A few years ago I wouldn't have been interested because I kind of assumed it was like an audio book and I've never really enjoyed listening to someone read. I like to read so I'd much rather read it myself. But since motherhood entered my life a few years ago and usually takes up 90% of my day - okay, no - I shouldn't blame it on motherhood. I just haven't been very good at making time to read in the last few years (something I'm changing! check out my book list for last year and this year!) so last year I started looking for and listening to podcasts. Usually I'll listen to John Piper or something else from Desiring God and I'll listen to it while I fold laundry or do dishes. I shouldn't have been, but I was surprised by how refreshing it was to hear some truth in the middle of my day! So when my cousin shared about Oh Hey Truth I was excited to go check them out.

They are a group of women who love God's Word and want to proclaim His word as THE truth. They know that there are so many opinions floating around and it can be hard to navigate them if we don't know what the real truth of God's Word says. They're all about reading the Bible, memorizing the Bible, knowing what it says and what it means so we can seek God and glorify Him! Also I just really love their name, like "Oh! Hey, truth! There you are! I've been looking for you!"

Their first few episodes were them reading sections of Psalms 119 and breaking it down. They talked about what the verses mean, their own personal testimonies and giving study tools and references for how to study God's word on your own.  I've genuinely enjoyed listening to it!

They recorded Psalms 119 in its entirety and I listened to it a few times on my long runs last fall. They also recorded the whole book of Philippians for the challenge week they just had, which was to read (or listen to) all 4 chapters of Philippians twice a day for 7 days. It's been Philippians on repeat over here in this house and I've loved it. (But I've always loved Philippians <3)

If you love God's word or want to know more of God's word, do yourself a favor and go check out Oh Hey Truth's website where you can find out all about their podcasts and blog and resources that they share. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I just really think its edifying and encouraging and a great way to infuse some Truth in to your day!

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