Saturday, July 1, 2017

July Goals

I've been feeling the need to get myself organized the past couple of weeks. There is so much I want to do - improvements to our house, organizing rooms, adding decor in places, begin working out again, lose some weight, eat better, be more consistent with my daily devotions, memorize scripture, meal plan, save money, remember important meetings at work, etc. etc. the list goes on an on. Sometimes I feel like I'm running around, going through all of the same motions but without purpose or goals in mind. I see things that need doing but I put them off and do the things that I do everyday and then before I know it weeks have past and I still haven't gotten around to cleaning my closet! Little things like that are starting to build up and making me feel unorganized and unaccomplished. 

Take for instance the dishes, yea they totally need to get done, but do I need to make sure my sink stays completely dish free all day long and do dishes and wipe down the counter for the 100th time instead of letting that sit until dinner time and cleaning my closet instead? Or another example... the girls and I are out having fun running errands, playing or visiting with people, and then when we get home we do nothing because I feel like IF I can't complete a major project from start to finish in one day then I'll just save it for the next day. I'm not good at doing things in baby steps because it takes a while for me to process what those steps should be! I'm always busy but accomplishing nothing of significance. 

Enter the Planner!

I actually L.O.V.E planners. Buying a cute new planner with all of the matching stationary when I was in school was always something I looked forward to. I guess I decided after I graduated that I didn't really need to use a planner because I didn't have classes and tests to keep up with, but I've missed having a planner! I saw this cute one at Marshall's last week and decided on a whim to get it and start organizing my days! 

I thought it was super cute and even though it says 2018 on it, its actually an 18 month planner that starts in July so it was perfect. AND inexpensive since it was at Marshall's. : )

I've already filled out my goals for this month and the "to-do" list is growing to help me reach those goals. Here's a peak at my July goals...

  • Exercise 3x a week
  • Lose 5 pounds of baby weight
  • Memorize Ephesians 6:10-18 that goes along with my summer bible study.
  • Organize the Room over the Garage
  • Organize my bedroom closet
  • Use budget app consistently
I think having the "to-do" list written out on paper in one place is going to help me tremendously! During nap time or other free{or even not so free} moments I'll be able to look and say okay I can take a bite out of my closet project by going through all of my bags and finding a place for them. Next day I'll do my shoes. It sounds so silly.... why do I need a planner to help me think like that?! ... I have no idea. Mom Brain? I don't know, I just feel more productive and work better when I have a list that I'm checking off. It's my own little accountability partner. All I know is that I need more purpose to my days. I think if I can see that I'm reaching goals and getting things done I won't be caught up in meaningless less meaningful, busy housework and can have more fun and purposeful time with the girls as well. I'm hoping having a planner will help me keep track of myself a little better. 

I like this little inspirational quote at the beginning of July. Each day can be full of meaning and purpose if I'm cognizant of what the day has to offer. I am hoping this is going to help me be less "busy" and more intentional with my time and energy!

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