Tuesday, November 15, 2011

6 More Months!

Okay... so I didn't do too amazing on my 7 month wedding check list. Out of the 20 things that needed to get done, I accomplished only 7... YIKES! But no worries, I just hired our DJ Sunday night and it motivated me to keep on top of our wedding plans and try to get major decisions in before the craziness of the holidays. I also prioritized a little and decided some things could wait until January before final decisions have to be made.

So whats on the list for the rest of November?

1.) Buy a Dress! - Isn't this one of the first things Bride's get done when it comes to wedding plans? Why is    
                             it taking me so long to decide?! But my appt with Williamsburg Bridal and Formal on  
                            11/22 will help me make up my mind!
2.) Purchase Save the dates - I've already found adorable Save the Date magnets from Libby James, so I
                                              will probably do this in the next week.
3.) Set aside block of rooms at nearby hotel - no reason why this shouldn't get done in the next few days!
4.) Finalize Invitations - I already have these picked out too! I just need to work on the wording and  
                                      finalize the time of the ceremony.
5.) Finalize guest list so I know how many invitations/save the dates to order!

I should be able to handle five tasks right? Maybe if these get accomplished before December I can add new things to the list!

6 more months. *sigh*

Oh! I was totally a slacker and didn't post pictures of my epic pumpkin cake failure... so here's a little summary of what happened:

Bunt Cakes: Turns out I'm pretty decent at the baking part of things...
 Flip one side upside down to apply icing and create a rounded look once stacked: 
Awesome. I can flip things over :)

Chocolate Frosting for the middle: Yes please!

Dirty Icing (Cake Boss Lingo!)

Stack Cakes: This looks like its going to turn out great huh?

Vanilla Icing mixed with some food coloring for the outside to create the pumpkin look... Not the prettiest color of orange but I was proud. 

And here is where things went terribly wrong......

As it turns out, I should have somehow shaved off the tops of the cakes so they would lay flat against each other and not have a ginormous gap that I hopelessly tried to fill in with my pasty orange icing.

The result:

What looks like 2 bunt cakes stacked on top of each other with a less than appealing orange colored icing covering it. But hey! It ended up tasting pretty decent...

Maybe next year pumpkin cake... maybe next year.

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