Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Summer

Today (Yep, its 12am) is the first official day of Summer.

How fitting is it that neither Mark or I have to work tomorrow?!

My supervisor at work gives us the opportunity to rotate schedules with each other since we work pretty long days sometimes.  We have to make sure there are a certain number of therapists there in the late afternoon/evening and so many there for our early (6:45am) patients so its inevitable that some schedules are a little better than others. For instance, some people end up coming in to work late Mondays and get off early on Fridays. Which ends up being really nice! Thankfully, we each get a turn at something along those lines! We switch it up every Fall, Spring and Summer to keep things fair. It just so happens that I worked late on Fridays during the Fall and Spring semester this past year so when our Summer schedules came up, I was next in line for the early Fridays! Even better? Because its the Summer and kids can come to therapy all day long and not just before/after school, we are allowed to have even more flexibility in creating our schedule options. Some of us do 2 half days and 3 long days and some of us do 4 10's. I like the 4 10's during the summer because it means I can get a whole day to oh... say... go to the beach! And bonus! My day off gets to be on FRIDAY! 3 day weekends all summer long!

Can it get any better?

Why yes. Yes it can.

Mark gets every other Friday off! I mean, he gets this all year long because at his work they do what they call a rotating day off (RDO) where they work 9 hour days so every other week they get a day off and he some how managed to get his RDO on a Friday when he first started working there. (Pretty sweet right?)

Anyways... by now you've realized just how happy I am that today is the first day of Summer! Every other Friday my man and I will be enjoying time together. We'll be doing everything from traveling and working on home projects to just chilling out on the beach and training our puppy to come when she's called... ; )

But for tomorrow, our first order of Summer time business will start with a nice, long sleep. Alarm clocks will exist only in the form of the pup wanting her breakfast.

Which usually looks a little something like this...

...and I usually can't take focused pictures early in the morning ; )

Happy Summer!

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