Monday, July 28, 2014

Maternity Pictures

Last Monday night my sisters from Without Words Photography took Mark and I down to Sandbridge Beach to take our maternity pictures. The weather was pretty cloudy and overcast all day so I was afraid it was going to rain and ruin our plans, but it actually turned out perfect! Apparently overcast is preferred by photographers when taking outside photos and it ended up being a cool and breezy evening!

We took quite a few pictures, so I'm just going to put up some of my favorites. <3

Definitely one of my VERY favorites.

After the Beach we went back to the house to take some pictures with my sweet puppy. 
She is quite the little model! She'll do just about anything for a treat. And she was being especially well behaved since I let her on the bed for the pictures - a place she is never allowed any other time!

We are only 45 days away from our due date!

We can't wait to meet our little girl!

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