Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pregnancy: Week 31 and 32 + Name Announcement!

I forgot to post this last week, but since I'm not going to have a chance to get to my moms today to use her adorable chalkboard for my weekly updates, I figured I would just go ahead and post this one for both 31 and 32 weeks. (I don't think much has changed in a week anyways!)

We are finally announcing the name and making it "official"!

We've known ever since finding out that we were having a girl that her first name would be Reaghan. We definitely weren't trying to keep it a secret, and if you had asked us in person we would have told you right away! But we were hesitant to put it down in writing anywhere because we weren't quite sure about how to spell it. We finally settled on adding the "h" to the name this past week. Mark was iffy on it at first because he said the poor child will never find a souvenir that has her name on it spelled the right way! But we like the "h" because I also spell my name with an "h" so it is our little way of connecting. : ) We still have 8 weeks left though, so who knows, its been such a back and forth that it could change! But for now, we're going with the "h"! Her middle name was also a struggle! I've decided that I love the idea of including family names for my children's middle names! We paired Reaghan with so many first and middle names of females in our family and after a lot of consideration decided to give her the middle name Eileen which happens to be my mom and my mom's mom's middle name. So there you have it. Our little girl, who will be arriving in only 8 weeks, will be named

~Reaghan Eileen Poindexter~

We are entering the final stretch of the pregnancy and still have lots to do to prepare for Reaghan. First up on our list - choosing a pediatrician. We have a prenatal interview this afternoon with one office and then a meet and greet tomorrow with another. Call me a crazy first time mama, but I already have a list of questions printed out that I want to ask! Realizing the responsibility I have to ensure the health and well being of another human is a bit overwhelming and something we are taking very seriously as we enter into this new world of being parents. Th

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  1. Such a beautiful pregnant lady! Cant wait to see you at your shower!