Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jogging Stroller - BoB Revolution

I finally got my hands on a BoB jogging stroller! back in November I wrote about how I was getting back into a running routine and how I was wanting to get a jogging stroller so I could take Reaghan with me. Specifically, I was coveting a BoB jogging stroller, but buying one brand new was just way too expensive! I couldn't justify $500 on a stroller.

Since then I've been keeping an eye out on the facebook yardsale sites and on Craigslist. I found a few but they go fast! I would contact the seller as soon as I saw it, but by then they already had 2-3 people lined up to come look at it and usually it sold to the first person.

I pretty much decided to just stop looking for one until spring time when a friend of mine texted me saying she was going to sell her BoB because she just got a new one and she'd give it to me for a little less than what she was going to try and sell it for online if I wanted it. Holla!

I said yes in .5 seconds. :)

She dropped it off this morning and I'm already excited about it.
It will be a couple of months before Reaghan will be able to use it but thats okay because it's a little too cold for her to go out with me right now anyways. By spring time though, it will be perfect!

I need to clean it up just a bit, but it is in great condition! 

It even came with the cup holder caddy attachment, which doesn't come with the stroller.

I paid $150 for it.

So much better than $500!

I can't wait for Spring!

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