Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh Sweet Valentines

I don't know about you, but I kind of like celebrating Valentines day.

Sure, it might be made up just to get people to spend money on cards and chocolate, but personally I like an opportunity to focus on being romantic and a little lovey-dovey. :)

I like it so much that I make sure we celebrate it, even though we never celebrate it ON the actual day. My brothers birthday is on V-day so we always put him first and spend time with him on the 14th; but either the day before or the day after, Mark and I will do something special. (As also explained from our 2013 Valentines Day) This year since the 14th fell on a Saturday, we did our thing on Friday. (It was actually Mark's RDO* so it worked out well for us!)

My first present from Mark? A chance to spend an hour at the nail salon getting my toes done while he stayed home with Reaghan. I love pedicures. I wish I could get one done every month. It felt so nice to have a chance to sit and soak my feet, get a little foot massage and come out with pretty toe nails.

After I got back home, Mark left to go pick up something for dinner. This is our 3rd married Valentines and every year so far we have spent the evening at home together. Maybe this is too much information, but because we chose to live out our relationship in a way that honored God, all of the Valentines celebrations while we were dating ended with a kiss goodbye at my parents doorstep. We really looked forward to our first married Valentines Day and spent that night at home ; ) Since then, we've just followed that same tradition and enjoy a romantic evening in. In fact, our 2013 dinner looked an awful lot like our 2015 dinner! I didn't even realize it until I looked back at my blog post!

While Mark was setting up dinner in the dining room, Reaghan and I got ready for our special dinner.

We got dressed up just a little to make it fun. :)

Mark brought home TASTE Unlimited - my request - and had some flowers and candles 
to dress up the table. 

My two loves. Reaghan loves her daddy and received her very first Valentines gift from him...

Mark brought her home a bouquet of carnations and a fuzzy teddy bear that is "life size" for Reaghan right now ; ) I think he's going to be pretty good at this daddy thing - not that I ever had any doubts!

She was pretty thrilled with her gift!

 Reaghan and I made this card for Mark. I love her little feet and handprints!

After dinner we set up the projector screen in our living room, put our futon mattress on the floor with some pillows and watched a movie until it was time to put Reaghan to bed. 

We might decide to go out for a nice dinner next year, but then again we might just stay home. :) 

The next day, we headed over to my parents to celebrate my brother Adam and enjoyed a full afternoon and evening with the family.

Reaghan, of course, had to get dressed up for that event as well. :)

(*RDO - rotating day off. Mark gets every other Friday off.)

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