Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentines Day Crafts

Reaghan and I have had a fun week doing Valentines Day crafts to share with family and friends and buying some special treats for the main man in our life to tell him how much we love him! Reaghan especially loved helping me pick up some goodies in the candy aisle at Target. I looked down and she had her own little stash of sweets in the bottom of the cart!

We love Handprint and Footprint art around here! In fact, every time we get crayons or paints out to do something fun, Reaghan will put her hand down on the paper and ask me to trace it! This year was soooo so so much easier getting a good print compared to last year! She can actually follow directions now and keep her hand/foot still while mommy puts it on the paper.

I loved the way these turned out! I think the "Bee" one and "Race Car" one are tied for first place
 as my favorites!

Reaghan loved doing hand prints so much that we stamped a bunch of her hand prints on a big sheet of red paper and then I decided to put them to good use after we were all done. We bought these organic cheddar bunny snacks to pass out to her friends at church {Since Valentines Day is on Sunday this year!} so I tried to make her hands into little bunnies. They turned out okay haha not my favorite of all the little crafts we did but it went with the snack. ; )

Another fun craft was taking a cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll, bending it into the shape of a heart and then using it as a stamp. Reag LOVED it. It started off really well, where you could see the hearts that she was stamping, but as I let her go on it ended up all being a big smear! haha Its still proudly hanging on the side of our fridge though. : )

I set up all the Valentines Day goodies on the table today while Mark was out. We are celebrating Valentines day tonight {we always do a day or two early} since my brother Adam's birthday is tomorrow, with a dinner out. My parents are going to watch Reaghan for us. But before we leave we will give Reaghan her Valentines and open the presents for each other.

Mark is the sweetest daddy. He brought these pink carnations home for Reag last night and not pictured are the beautiful Star Gazer Lilies that he brought home for me. : )
They are have the spotlight in the middle of our kitchen table where they can get better sun.

Happy Valentines Day!

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