Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Picnics

We enjoyed a beautiful 70 degree day today. On February 3rd! It was amazing and felt like spring time. In fact, I think my garden thinks that it is spring time because all of my daffodil bulbs have sprouted and a couple of them have flowered. Its funny but also sad, because now I won't have any daffodils when its actually spring time.

We were up and moving early this morning to take Piper to the vet. It was my first time taking both Piper and Reaghan to the vet, I was a little apprehensive because Piper gets anxious at the vet and needs my full attention to make sure she behaves. So Reaghan and I got some more use out of our ergo carrier that we haven't used in a LONG time. Everything went great until we saw the vet...

Our poor pup has a mass on her gums thats caused her to lose one of her front teeth and it needs to be removed to make sure its not cancerous and also to make sure it doesn't keep growing and push all the rest of her teeth out. 

This is the bill that we're looking at for the procedure...
Bye, Bye tax refund money.

Enough of that. Back to the warm, sunny day in February!

When we got home we still had lots of morning left so we went on a 3 mile run. Reaghan fell asleep on the run so when we got back I left her sleeping in the stroller while I mowed our side yard. The grass there is different than our front yard so it's been growing like crazy with these mild temperatures. It needed cut! Mark's been wanting to cut it, but won't be able to this weekend because I'll be gone on Saturday and he'll be watching Reaghan, so I decided to do it for him as part of my 14 Random Acts of Kindness I'm doing for him for Valentines. (More on that later!)

Reaghan woke up right as I finished mowing and wanted to play outside. This girl will spend hours playing in the backyard. I love that about her! We went in to the kitchen real quick, gathered up some food for lunch, grabbed a blanket and headed back outside.
It was her first "big girl" picnic and it was so much fun! 

She loved sitting on the blanket and sharing food with mommy (and Piper!). 

I couldn't get them both to look at the same time.

After our picnic we laid on the blanket and counted acorns in the grass, sang songs, played in her sandbox, climbed the fort and slid down the slide. She was worn out by the time we went inside and took great afternoon nap. : )

I wish I could repeat this day over and over every day. 
It was pure delight.
 (minus the vet appointment)

Thanks February for the warmth and sunshine!
We can't wait until you're here to stay! 

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