Friday, February 12, 2016

Birthday Surprise Box + Cinderella on Broadway!

My older sister Erin is turning the big 3-0 next month so we wanted to do something fun and special to celebrate with her. She always loved Cinderella growing up and when she heard that Broadways Rodgers + Hammersteins Cinderella was coming to our area she really wanted to go!

We {my sisters, mom and I} decided to gather a group of her favorite ladies together to surprise her with tickets to the show and a nice dinner. We struggled at first to find a way to actually pull off the surprise part. We thought about just picking her up and taking her to dinner and having everyone there waiting, but it was a Broadway show so she'd have to get dressed up nice! Which meant, sure we could tell her to get dressed nice and be ready to be picked up, but sometimes {especially for Erin} part of the fun of going to something like this is getting to purchase a new outfit! We also thought it would be fun for all of us to ride together in a friends large 12 passenger van - my first idea was to get a limo, but I just couldn't afford it, so a 12 passenger homeschool van worked perfectly! And of course, anticipation of an event can be just as fun as being surprised, right? So we decided to let her in on the plans a week before the show!

I found this idea for a surprise box on Pinterest {where else?!} so mom, Mal, Sara and I put it all together for her one day. We found all of our supplies at Michael's Craft store - because they have 50% off coupons so we each buy something for 50% off ;). We had to be careful not to post any pictures on social media of our shopping outing because we didn't want to let Erin know we were out shopping and having a crafting day without her!

Here's how the box turned out:

Supplies we used:
White gift box
Silver glitter spray paint & rose gold spray paint (left over from a previous project)
Wooden appliques that reminded us of Cinderella to place
Clock hands
Scrap book paper
Scrap book 3D stickers
Butterfly clips
Tea light birdcage candle holder that opened at the top and reminded us a little of a carriage  

We cut the sides of the box so when she opened the lid the 4 sides would fall out to the side and she could read our invitation to a shopping trip to pick out an outfit for the show that we were inviting her too

We placed a little scroll in the birdcage carriage with details of the show...

And then dropped the box off on her door step one night when she was out so she would find it when she got home!

Her husband was in on the surprise the whole time and video taped her finding the box and opening it for us. She was very excited and even cried a little. 

It was freezing the night of the show, but we all got dressed up in our heels and fancy clothes anyways and enjoyed a night downtown at a small, but nice Italian restaurant. 
The only sad part about dinner was that they ran out of cheesecake and chocolate cake when it came time for dessert and I had to settle for a peach sorbet. ; )

Selfies before the show!

These beautiful women make life fun!
So grateful for this community of ladies to walk through life with!
 Always there to love each other and keep our eyes focused on Jesus - and also eat good food and see fun shows with! 

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