Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentines!

Just a few shots of Mark and I's Valentines together.
 I did a pretty poor job of taking pictures so there are only a few, and none of us!

Mark had the day off on Friday so I left him some of his favorite treats to keep him company until I came home. Along with some sweet notes of love.
(Hence the reason for the purposeful blurry picture...I don't need to share every detail right???)
I also left a Valentine's bone for Piper. :)

The dinner I came home too. Thats right people. We drink orange cream soda from wine glasses. : )
Flowers from my husband. Favorite flowers to be exact.
I'm so excited about the Lilies that haven't bloomed yet.
I definitely ate BOTH of those slices of cheese cake. It's probably definitely my most favorite dessert. Delicious.
My present.
My husband knows the easiest way to my heart is through giant Reese Cups.
(If I don't lose as much weight as I wanted to this month- I'll blame it on this night specifically!) 
 Why we chose to stay at home?
When we were dating we made a commitment to never be truly alone together. We were either at one of our families homes or out in public where there was always some level of accountability. 
(Except for the drive time in the car.)
Now that we are married, and celebrating our first married Valentine's Day, we decided to enjoy a relaxing evening at home. 
Where it was really just the two of us. 
It was delightful.

Just another shot of my flowers that I took today.
Those Lilies will bring me so much happiness over the next week.

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