Friday, February 8, 2013

Breakfast Egg Sandwiches: Pinterest

Remember those fresh eggs I received? I decided that I would use the extra dozen eggs to try out a Pinterest "recipe" that I pinned in my early days of pinning but have never gotten around to trying out. I put quotations around recipe because it doesn't really require mixing multiple ingredients, it's just cracking an egg into a muffin pan - not too hard right?

Here is the original picture from pinterest that I pinned from THIS website. 
Looks simple enough right???

 My fresh eggs all cracked, in the lightly greased pan, and ready to go. 
Don't ask about that egg in the bottom corner. It was just overall not a fan of being cracked...

I popped them in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.
This is what they looked like about 5 minutes in...

I was pretty excited, they looked like they were going to turn out great!
Until I checked back in at the 10 minute mark... this is what I found...

I think my eyes probably got as big as these eggs! What had happened??? I tried poking the yoke to see if that would help...I don't know, I thought maybe it had air trapped in it or something??? But when I poked it I got the, ummm, erupted look. The one in the middle of the pan. So I nixed that idea and decided I'd just let them finish baking to see what happened...

Thankfully they didn't completely overflow in the next 5 minutes.... but they didn't return to normal like the picture from Pinterest. I don't understand why some of them turned out fine (the third one in the bottom row!) but most of them turned into mutant eggs?!?!

Why, in the picture from Pinterest, do all the little yolks stay little yolks?! 
Why, in my life, do all the little yolks bulge into giant eyeballs?!?!


I used the normal ones to finish the baking project. 
A bagel thin and a slice of cheese completed the sandwich.

After I sandwiched them up, I put them back into the bag that the bagel thins had come in and placed them back into the freezer. Apparently the original source of this idea says to let them freeze 1 hour in the freezer uncovered before wrapping them up to avoid condensation... I definitely didn't read that until after I wrapped them up and I didn't want to unwrap them so I just left them alone...

Overall, the ones that didn't mutate on me (about half of them) turned out well, and the sandwich tastes pretty good. I had one this morning, after I warmed it up on our handy dandy pizza pizzaz. (It is not recommended to us a microwave because it gets soggy...)
 Mark is a big McDonalds Egg and Cheese McMuffin fan so I'm hoping these will keep him  out of the drive thru for a while : )

On a slightly different note...

Have you seen those Pinterest fail pictures on Pinterest?? 
 Even though mine wasn't a complete fail, I thought it would be pretty funny. : )

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