Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow 2013

Just felt like posting some pictures of our snow "storm"!

People who live in Hampton Roads but aren't from here, make fun of people like me, who grew up here, because we get excited over 3 inches of snow. They call us crazy for letting our whole city shut down for such a small amount, when apparently {where ever they lived before coming here} they would still go to work and school in 3 feet of snow.

I used to act all cool and pretend I totally agreed with them... but no more!

Because you know what? If we're lucky it snows ONCE maaaayyybbeee TWICE a year!

So yes. Let us get excited. Let us shut down schools and work. Let us take the day off. Let us try to build a snow man out of 3 inches of snow that usually ends up looking creepy because its got grass and leaves poking out of it. We love our one snow storm of the year and we don't care that people in other parts of the country scoff at our excitement.

Can we just have our one day? Please? Because thanks to our crazy weather, our snow will be melted and we'll be wearing shorts and T-shirts only 2 days later! : )

Puppy's First Snow Paw Prints - Mark sent me this picture since I was still at work when the snow started falling.

Getting ready to leave work.
My normal 8 min drive took me almost 2 hours to get home.
Crazy Hampton Roads drivers...
 don't know how to drive in the snow! ; )

Finally made it home and took Piper out right away to play in the snow with her!

Not sure what to think about it...

Mark and Piper :)

I just love her.
"Mom...What's all this white stuff???"
I like to pretend she can talk to me :)

The next morning... Chasing Snow Balls!


Enjoying our beautiful neighborhood before the snow melted.

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