Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Home Projects (Music Room and Kitchen)

Just a little update on what we were working on the past two weekends.

Project Music Room: Overhaul.

This is what it looked like when we first bought the house... curtains even came with it...

This was an experiment that did not go in our favor. We wanted to try a bright, fun color - but we ended up with a Christmas green! : / We painted this last summer/fall when we painted most of our other rooms and we tried to let it grow on us. But it just didn't. I mean, how could it really? Ick.

We finally decided on a more subdued color and turned our Christmasy green room that was housing our drums and guitars to a more classy music room / office space for Mark.
 (Mark is getting to work from home every other Monday which we love!)

I used my iPhone to take a panorama picture to give you a feel for the whole room. You can see everything but it did turn out a little distorted and blurry :/
 Here are some better pictures!

Mark's diploma on the right and a picture of him playing in Carnagie Hall to the left.

We moved our guitars from either side of the window and hung them on the wall over the drum set. I want to get a piece of art or a saying to go in between the two.

And then a front view of the office space. We got the desk from a family friend that was moving and just spray painted it black... so it wasn't expensive at all which was nice. All its missing is a chair! And a little shelf decor : )

I'm so much happier with this room! I no longer cringe and shut the door quickly when I walk down the hall way.

Project Kitchen: Organization.

Okay, so we didn't do too much to the kitchen. Just a small corner needed to be painted and re-organized. But to fully understand what we did I just needed to bring out a picture of what the kitchen looked like when we first bought the house. See all of the DARK WOOD!?! See the little corner behind where I'm standing in the picture? For some reason *cough* because we're were getting tired of painting and got lazy *cough* we decided to not pain that section when we painted the rest of the cabinets. Well, we painted the top part, but left the bottom desk part all dark wood. We convinced ourselves that we would come back in a few weeks and finish it, along with the cabinets over our washer and dryer. That was about 6 months ago. Since we had all the paint items out for the music room we decided to braved the cabinet painting one more time to finish it all!

Piper had to help me paint of course. : )

Ta-Da! Finally all of the DARK WOOD is out of our kitchen!

No more DARK CABINETS above the washer and dryer either!

Next came cleaning up on the inside...

Thats just a little messy right? It had kind of turned in to our junk area... *hanging head in shame*

But here is the after! All cleaned up and organized. 

I got the binder idea from A Bowl Full of Lemons blog that I pinned here.

It's so energizing to organize and get rid of all the clutter!

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