Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Correspondence and the Explicit Gospel

These were the items definitely not on my original agenda tonight.

After a relaxing afternoon at my parents, where I enjoyed some hot tub time with my mom and sisters while watching our puppies play, I found myself home and showered by 5pm with no other chores to do except for making dinner!

As soon as I realized this I felt a warm cozy feeling sweep over me! It made me want to jump into some pajama's, curl up on the couch next to a fire and watch TV.

And I just about did all of those things. After I made dinner (Waffles! I love breakfast for dinner... it definitely went with the whole warm, cozy relaxed theme I had planned for the night) I slipped into some yoga pants while my husband built a fire. Just as I was reaching for the remote I caught a glimpse of a book peeping out from underneath some papers in our book basket. I stared at the book, then stared at the remote, then back at the book. Oh the struggle! Watch mindless TV or read the book I've been meaning to pick up for days???

I set the remote back down.

I also remembered there were a few thank you notes that I needed to get out to people and a letter or two that I had been meaning to write. Suddenly the thought of sitting cuddled up next to my husband  with a fire roaring, some stationary and a good book seemed much more relaxing then noisy, worldly TV shows anyways.

If you haven't read this book, I would pre-recommend it. Meaning, I read the first chapter and LOVED it. I'll let you know my full recommendation when I finish it. (Ps - this is a book off of my 2013 reading list! Yay for getting started on that!)

And if you haven't sat down and penned a hand written note to a friend or family member lately, I would also recommend it. I miss the days of letter writing and getting excited to receive a piece of mail that isn't a bill or advertisement. It's a lost art. I want to and plan to be better at using this form of communication!

And just because she is too cute to keep to myself... My sweet Piper all worn out from playing with her puppy cousins today :)

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