Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY: Journal Cover

As I was loading all the pictures from over the holidays to my computer from my phone I realized I had taken the following pictures with the intent of posting them and totally forgot about it!

These were one of my favorite DIY projects I did for Christmas presents this year. They turned out really well and were super easy to make! 

If you've ever been to Michaels Craft store you've probably seen all of the Martha Stewart craft section. She has everything from her own paint and paint brushes to scrapbooking and glass etching tools. If there's ever a time when I feel like I can create any craft known to man, its when I'm browsing through the Martha Stewart craft section. The bad news? Most of her items are priced in such a way where it would just be easier and cheaper to buy the crafted item then try to diy. The good news? Michael's has FANTASTIC coupons! 40-50% any regular priced item! 

When I got my coupon before Christmas I marched right into Michaels to get my half priced Martha Stewart silk screens!

I have 2 really good friends that love to Journal, so that is where my inspiration came from.

 I started with two blank journals, I used ones that had a soft flexible cover, but not leather.

I cut out the letters I wanted to use and rearranged them

One letter at a time I dabbed the paint over the letters...making sure to peel the silk screen off before the paint dried...

The first finished journal...

Finished project! 

The silk screens are re-usable so I'm looking forward to getting my next Michael's coupon and building up my Martha Stewart Craft tools! 

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