Friday, December 4, 2015

No Sew Christmas Pillow Covers

Whenever I have a craft that requires any type of sewing there a few steps I always follow:

1.) Go to the fabric store, shop around for about 45 minutes, and then leave with nothing in a frustrated "I have no idea what looks good or what will work" funk.

2.) Call my big sis to meet me at the fabric store the next day to help pick out my fabrics. I am usually completely incapable of making my own decisions in these areas and always need her opinion.

3.) Go over to before mentioned sisters house (because she owns the sewing machine) to help her, help me, make whatever sewing project I decided I wanted to make.

If - and only if - I follow those steps, then my project usually turns out super cute!

A few weeks ago this very scenario played out as I tried to shop for fabrics for my new stockings and while she was with me during step 2, we also found really cute prints that she had the brilliant idea of making pillow covers with! She's a genius I tell ya. I don't know why she doesn't have the blog. Anyways. When we bought the fabric I was anticipating that we were going to make envelope covers like I made here a few years ago, but she knew this really easy, no sew way that I was all for!

Step 1: Lay your pillow in the center of your fabric with the pillow corners pointing to the sides of the fabric.
Step 2: Fold one corner up over the pillow followed by the other side. When you bring the second side over, you'll want to fold the corner of the fabric so it makes a straight edge. That way there's not a flappy corner that sticks out underneath your finished bow.
Step 3: Tuck the sides of the fabric {on the sides that you haven't folded yet} just as if you were wrapping a present so that those two remaining sides end up being pointed. 
Step 4: Bring those two sides up until the meet in the middle, just like in the picture.
Step 5: Tie those pointed sides into a bow! You'll probably have to adjust the bow a little bit to get it just where you want it.

Basically, its like wrapping a present! SO, SO easy.

I used about a yard per pillow. I saw one thing that said a good rule of thumb is to get the fabric about 2x larger than your pillow.

I was really happy with the way these turned out. Especially since this Christmas print was on sale for about 2.99 a yard, so I got new pillows for the holiday season for about $6 by just buying fabric and covering my regular sofa pillows. Way better than buying 2 brand new pillows at $15 a piece. 
{Not saying I wouldn't do that in the future if the right pillow crossed my path, but this year, covering my old pillows was perfect!}

I'm going to try to make a burlap Christmas wreath soon, so if that turns out decent I'll take pictures and post here too! 

Happy season of crafting!!!

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