Thursday, December 3, 2015

Indoor Christmas Decor

.... Now on to everything Christmas!

Last weekend was a busy weekend for us! Thanksgiving, then our Black Friday shopping marathon that ended with family dinner at Marks parents and then Saturday we put up our outside lights and headed over to have Hors d'oeuvres with my family and help them decorate their tree. By Sunday we were pretty beat. Usually on Sundays we go out to eat or spend the afternoon with family, but we were ready for some stay at home time just the 3 of us. We did made a quick stop at Sam's club on our way home from church to pick up something for lunch, our christmas cards (!!!) and see if they had some more icicle lights for outside - but once we got home, we stayed home. It was just what we needed to rest from our busy weekend and put up our tree and decorations.

I don't know about you, but I like the atmosphere to be just right when we decorate for Christmas. We had cinnamon and clove candles burning, Christmas music playing {obviously} and we were all showered and in Christmasy pj's. Just thinking about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and cozy. It was perfect.

So without keeping you in any further suspense ;) I'll start the pictures off with the cutest reindeer you've probably ever seen...

And then another reindeer who wasn't as excited about her new ears.

Reaghan loved hanging the ornaments on the tree! 

She was all about it.

Watching her face light up with each ornament she got to hang brought back a new excitement for the Christmas season. There's so much joy in taking the time to see life through her eyes.

She also enjoyed unwrapping all of the ornaments from the newspaper and then tearing the news paper in to little pieces... 

This music box that she found has been her favorite so far. We let her keep that with her own little Christmas basket of ornaments and she loves to open it up to hear the "12 days of Christmas" song that plays.

Since we had just decorated her grammy and PopPops tree the night before, she was pretty much a pro at putting ornaments on the tree. She clapped for herself each time she got one to hang on a branch - okay, so she still clapped even if they missed the branch completely - it was A-dorable.

This was her little section of the tree... I definitely spread the ornaments out after we were all done. Maybe in the coming years I'll just let it be, but I know she won't even notice this year and I like the treat to have evenly spaced ornaments. ; )

You guys. My little Christmas village set up on my bookshelf makes me so happy. 
Ever since I was little I wanted to have one of these and now that I have my own home, its finally happening!
We bought a set of 4 nice light up, houses after Christmas last year when they went on sale and I was so excited to set them up with all of the little people, trees and lamp posts.

It's basically a dream come true. 
My top shelf still needs some more house, but that makes me happy too because it means I have a room to grow and possibly get some more this year after they go on sale! :)

Our main family room definitely wins for the most Christmas spirit in our house, but I still like to put small touches in all of the other rooms. We have Christmas soaps in all of the bathrooms, a poinsettia arrangement in the dining room, and I plan to make a Christmas card holder to hang in our kitchen.

Here are a few other special decorations that fill up our home!

Reaghan loves these little door hangers that are placed on some of our main doors. She's been so good about being gently with them and asking if she can play with them instead of just yanking them off. 

Here's our new advent calendar that I got on Black Friday.
Reaghan helps me move the star each day. I still need to get a little special something to put in each pocket for her to find. I just haven't decided if I want to do a little treat or a toy or something little like stickers? Any ideas?! I do want to put a scripture verse from the Christmas story in them when she's a bit older.

I made new stockings this year but I still need to personalize them some how. Piper's stocking is still the one that a made her a couple of years ago.
On our mantel I have our Christmas card from last year framed and need to get another picture printed to put in my cute snowman frame that I got on sale after Christmas last year. {Its the best time to shop for Christmas stuff people!}

My nativity set that was handed down to me from my mom with Pier One gold star on one side and a holly branch arrangement on the other.
The reason for the season...

Here is our finished Tree!
{note the Christmas village in the background! ;)}

And last but not least, these new sew, DIY pillows that will be on the blog soon!

I'm excited that our house is ready for Christmas on the inside!

We are listening to Christmas music every day and enjoying our scented candles every night. If this weather would just get a little cooler so we can enjoy a warm fire, these December nights would be perfect.

I hope your Christmas season is off to a good start!

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