Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve {2016}

We spent Christmas Eve with Mark's family like we have the last 4 years that we've been married. When we say family, we're talking about just his immediate family - mom, dad, and sister's family. In the past we've also gone over to his granny's on Christmas day to spend a couple of hours with his whole extended family but this year we decided to forego that stop. We enjoy spending time there but it just made for a hectic day trying to enjoy our morning at home, then get to his granny's by a decent time so we could be there for a few hours before leaving to get to my parents before the day was over.  And when we were at his Granny's we always felt like we were rushing everyone to open gifts because we had somewhere else to be when they weren't in any rush because they were going to be there all day. So anywho... it was a hard decision but Mark's parents were really supportive and understanding so no family drama ensued and we had the Christmas Party at our house to exchange gifts and enjoy time with his extended family. And it was actually SO nice Christmas morning to just enjoy opening gifts with Reaghan and each other, have a nice breakfast and not feel rushed to get anywhere. Plus we were able to get to my parents much sooner and enjoy lunch with them, which is something we always miss out.

Okay, rambling explanation over.... back to Christmas Eve!

Since it fell on a Saturday we went over to the Poindexter's earlier than usual, around 11:30, to enjoy the full day with them.

As soon as we got there "BB" and "Tom Tom" had a surprise for the girls hiding in their back bathroom. Which is where the girls love to play "store" for some reason haha.

Shopping Carts!

After their shopping carts came their stockings! They loved filling their carts with the things they received in their stocking.

They had fun playing for a while and then the last pre-nap surprise was a nap mat for each of them.
They were adorable! 
We were a little ambitious about how well they would do actually taking a nap in their new mats next to each other. Brooklyn fell asleep as her mommy patted her back and Reaghan was almost asleep so we left to finish falling asleep - I don't think she ever did and ended up waking Brooklyn up 20 minutes later! Whoops! I was over estimated the self control of a 2 year old falling asleep next to her cousin and best friend. haha Thankfully they both took a nice long nap after we separated them.

While the girls napped the adults exchanged gifts.
Mark's dad built us a beautiful buffet/hutch for our kitchen.
There is a top hutch for it that he is still finishing.

When the girls woke up we had a delicious dinner of Prime Rib, Collard Greens, mashed potatoes and the works. 

The girls had a few more gifts to open after dinner.
Christmas gets more fun each year with these girls watching them open up and enjoy their gifts together. Looking back on last year, it's amazing to see how much they've grown.

I'm not super happy with my lack of photogenic-ness this holiday season - or how much weight I've gained this pregnancy! My face has just gotten so round and chunky! haha 
But I'll worry about that after the baby comes. ; )

Thankfully Reag is definitely much cuter in her pictures!

At the end of the night the girls bathed and got dressed in some matching pajama's to listen to Uncle Jason read them the nativity story.

We've tried so hard to be intentional with Reaghan this Christmas season to teach her about Christ's birth in the manger and the reason for celebrating Christmas. She's only 2, but she's absorbed so much information this season and my mommy heart is overjoyed at what she remembered each time we talked about it or read about it. 

It was a Very Merry Christmas Eve for these beauties
and the rest of the family.

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