Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas {2016}

Christmas morning Reaghan didn't wake up until 9am! I'm sure this won't be the case as she gets older and more aware of Christmas morning. Although, when I was a kid my brothers and sisters and I never woke up extremely early on Christmas. I remember we would usually wake around 8am... we were a family that really enjoyed our sleep! haha Mark however says he would be up all night long waiting for his parents to go to bed so he could run out and see his all of his presents. Maybe our kids will be a mix of both and wake up early but noooot toooo early.

We weren't up too late setting out her gifts. We didn't have anything to put together this year so we just had to set it all out.

We set out a little stocking for Piper of course and she could barely contain herself. She sat and stared and whined the whole time we set up gifts but never busted in to it like a good little pup.

When Reag got up I told her it was finally Christmas morning and she was so excited! I fixed her hair while Mark got the video camera ready and then we let her walk out to see her gifts.

Out of all the presents sitting out, the first thing she saw and picked up was one of the many books we got her. She loves, loves, loves books and I'm pretty sure we could've only gotten her that and she would've been perfectly happy!

Mark made her the baby doll crib and she's loved putting her dolls to bed each night.


I've had fun showing her how to play with the little people in her dollhouse.

I love this picture because she looks like she's not too sure about the pants I bought her.

This was the only picture we got in our matching Christmas jammies and my big belly!

We had a nice breakfast after opening our stockings and then had a breakfast of pancakes and eggs.
After breakfast we took our time opening gifts under the tree.
I got a bath pillow for my tub, a new jacket, a hoodie, body spray and lotion, and don't tell anyone but Mark also enjoys a bath now and then so he got a tray for the tub and towel warmer ;)
I totally love the towel warmer! The other day I got out of the shower and realized I hadn't pushed the button all the way so totally got back into the shower for a few minutes just so my towel would be warm! haha

After our leisurely morning we headed to my parents for lunch.
Their Christmas Tree!
Lots of kids equals lots of presents!

My grandma got a fitbit for Christmas so after lunch we went on a walk to test out her fitbit and work off some of the mashed potatoes and gravy! It was definitely colder than lasts Christmas 75 degree weather, but it wasn't too bad.

Reaghan read books on and off all day long!

My grandma got her a set of books that included Madeline, Corduroy, Clifford, Curious George and a cute bear book call Stormy Night along with a Madeline doll and Corduroy bear to go with the stories. She loves it and with all the books she got we've had something new to read every night at bedtime! She loves it and so do we! Reading something new is nice!

My beautiful grandma with her new slippers.

Reaghan got my parents a little sign for the area on their wall where they hang Reaghan's crafts that she does for them!

My baby sister is going to be 17 in a couple of months!
Say what?!

My parents bought Reaghan a little scooter and helmet!

We ended the night with an annual dance off as Sara got the new Just Dance like she does every year!
We got video of me trying to dance and its not pretty! haha but we had fun.

Before we left Reaghan spent some time with her PopPop doing a search and find book. 
Her attention is always taken up by her aunts and grammie, she definitely prefers the company of girls because of her more reserved personality. But she does love her grandpas
 and uncles too and I love seeing her spend bonding moments with my dad. 

Sadly, we didn't get a family picture on Christmas but here's one of just Reaghan in her pretty Christmas dress! 

Christmas 2016 is all wrapped up and it was fun one!
We're looking forward to having 2 little girls next year to enjoy the season with.

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