Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Birthday Recap, Polar Express, & Christmas Party!

Still trying to play catch up here on the blog and document all the December happenings! Hopefully I can get it all done by New Years so we can start fresh for 2017!

I turned 28 on the 15th... inching ever closer to the big 3-0 you guys! Sometimes I'm like "eh... its just a number" and other times I'm all "oh my gosh! Ew! 30 is old!" Growing older has its pluses and minuses. For example.... Minus - bags under the eyes, wrinkles, chunkiness thats harder to lose,  and not having a clue what your 16 year old sister and 18 year old brother are talking about when they use "cool" sayings...

Am I right?!

Anywho... pluses? Marriage, parenting, life experience - all of the beautiful, hard and meaningful things in life so I guess you could say the good far outweighs the bad. : )

My birthday fell on a Thursday this year and also on one of the days that the Botanical Gardens was doing their Polar Express night, so thats what we did on my actual birthday. Although that morning Mark did surprise me by taking the day off, making me breakfast and bringing me my gifts to open in bed with Reaghan. I got a new Fit Bit because I lost mine a couple of months ago : ( a fun Q+A mom journal - one of those ones that you write one line a day in! And a cute mom and me book from Reghan. We went out to eat and then I let myself just rest on the couch during Reaghan's nap instead of trying to catch up on chores. That night we met Mark's family at the Gardens so our niece Brooklyn and Reaghan could do a fun craft, drink hot chocolate, say hi to Santa Clause (because there was no way Reaghan was actually going to sit on the man's lap) listen to the Polar Express story read by a very kind older lady and drive through the Christmas lights on their Tram pretending to be on the Polar Express. 

Friday we had Mark's family over for a little Christmas Party because we won't be heading to his Granny's this year (more on that later) and we enjoyed dinner and an ornament exchange and fun Christmas crafts with the little girls.

This pose looks waaaaayyy more awkward than it felt! But it's nice to have a picture with Mark's grandma and one of Reag's great grandma's.

Love Reaghan's fun face with her Aunt Ann in this one.
Ignore my ridiculous laughing face and giant belly!

Finally Saturday rolled around and it was time to celebrate my birthday!! We took Reaghan over to my parents house to spend the night and Mark and I went out to finish Christmas shopping and have dinner together.


We went to Toys R Us for the first time as parents and it was CRAZY! haha I guess thats what happens when you go the last weekend before Christmas. We had fun looking around but were really just there to pick out a baby doll to go with the new crib Mark built her and a little family for her doll house that we bought off of her Aunt Sara.

After finishing up some Christmas shopping at a couple of other stores we went to dinner at a little cafe. I had Banana's Foster waffles and it was heavenly! Nothing fancy needed for this pregnant girl, just give me all the comfort food. Before leaving dinner we talked about heading to one more store to get some pictures printed out for a Christmas present, but I was like eh, its late and I'm getting tired so lets just go home and see what we have there first... and then I looked down at my watch. You guys. It was only 6:30! Winter+ early sunsets + pregnancy = I want to be in bed by 8! Haha see? another minus of getting old - less energy.

Anyways, we totally went home and had a quiet rest of the night just the two of us. It was weird going to bed with any empty, untouched flower bed in the next room. A weird, twisted aspect of being a mommy ~ you look forward to a chance to just be by yourself or with your husband and then when it finally happens, you miss your little person that has become the life and joy of your family. 

I was excited to see her walk in to church with her Grammie and Pop Pop the next morning in her pretty Christmas dress! My parents even wore red and black to match her. It was adorable. I wish I would've gotten a picture of the 3 of them!

When we got home from church I did snap a few pictures of just Reaghan and got her on video singing some Christmas songs. Oh man, I could barely handle the cuteness. That night we went back over to my parents to celebrate my mom and I's birthday together with the family and hang out with my Grandma (mom's mom) who had just gotten to town to spend Christmas with us. 

In recap - we've had a super busy Christmas season and it wasn't any different the week/weekend of my birthday! 

So now, here I am 28 and the world keeps spinning. For sure, there are pros and cons to getting older ... But I'm excited about whats been happening in the 2nd half of my twenties and I'm looking forward to bringing another baby girl into this world during my 28th year! Life is precious and I'm learning not to spend too much time looking to the future or trying to hold on to the past and instead just being content in the here and now. 

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