Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Week Before Christmas

We tried to squeeze in a few fun last minute things the week before Christmas with my grandma since she was here to visit.

Tuesday I had my 34 week check up so I dropped Reaghan off in the morning at my parents and then rushed back to get in on the cookie baking that we had planned for that day.

I turned away for a second and Reaghan took the sprinkling into her own hands! 

Making Buckeyes with my Grandma. So gooood!

Reaghan helping her Aunt Nin Nin - she loves to help bake things.

We came home with caramel popcorn, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, buckeyes, and oreo truffles. Way too many sweets, but we also got some cookies baked to pass out to our "new" neighbors around our little cul de sac.

Wednesday, Reaghan and I did some last minute shopping to pick up some stocking stuffers for Mark. Word to the wise, don't wait for the week before Christmas to buy Christmas candy because all you'll be able to find is Valentine's Candy!

WHO IS BUYING VALENTINE'S CANDY THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS?!?! Ugh. I did manage to find some discounted at the back of the store so it was all good, but still... c'mon people.

Christmas Eve Eve we went over to Erin's for a girls night to do our nails and some facials so we could feel pretty on Christmas. Erin colored my mom's hair and trimmed up my grandma's and I attempted to use her sewing machine to finish the little mattress for Reaghan's baby doll crib that Mark built her.

Unfortunately Erin's sewing machine started acting funky and messing up the stitching so Grandma helped me hand stitch the mattress covers. One for Reaghan and one for Brooklyn. It took us the whole night as we sat and watched White Christmas, but I enjoyed the special time with my grams and listening to her careful instructions.

It was a busy last week being part of the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping but I actually always enjoy it. I'm not sure I'll ever have all of my stuff together and just be able to relax the week before Christmas but thats okay. It's not so crazy that it makes me crazy and we still have lots of fun and make time to be intentional about the reason for celebrating Christmas.

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