Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thanksgiving {2016}

Things we were Thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Two 2 year olds in matching dresses who are best of friends.

2 New babies joining the family in 2017

Time to spent with Mark's family relaxing and doing crafts with the girls.

Moms, Sisters, Daughters.
{plus Sara's cute chalkboard art in the background}

Paper plates for less clean up.

A feast with family gathered around the table.

Family Photos.
{Even if this is one of our worst ever.}

Your husband leaving his football game to take another picture.
{And the horrible photo trend continued...}

I didn't take many pictures on Thanksgiving {and posting these less than stellar pictures definitely makes me wish that I had!} but sometimes its not about getting perfect pictures to post on the internet, but maybe just capturing what you can and definitely being present to enjoy the moments with family.

We are officially into the Christmas Season now, but I had to go back and get this Thanksgiving post in before the blog is taken over with all things Christmas!

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