Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving {2015}

I'm dying to put up a few posts on our Christmas tree, the stockings I made this year, my DIY Christmas pillows and other fun Christmasy things, but I feel like I can't fully commit to the Christmas posts without a nod to our happy Thanksgiving last week.

I started the morning off with Piper and I's tradition of running our own "Turkey Trot" 5k around our neighborhood. I feel less guilty about eating all the pie and also less guilty about leaving Piper home all day.

After our run we came back and made waffles for breakfast and ate in front of the TV so we could watch the parade. Reaghan was mesmerized!

The weather was about 70 degrees here in South Hampton Roads so it was beautiful! We always go to Mark's family gathering first around lunch time, so we spent a lot of time outside and took a little walk.

I loved her little moccasins and thought they were perfect for Thanksgiving!

After we spent a few hours with the Poindexters we went to the Kessler's

Mom and Mallory made these cute table place "cards" with real leafs and Rose Gold spray paint.

I just wanted to get one good picture of her in her cute Turkey bib. Just ONE. But I didn't have my phone at the table and after we were done eating she wouldn't stand still long enough to get a non blurry picture. 

We looked at lots of ads to plan our black Friday shopping and Reaghan had fun playing the bongos with her PopPop and all the attention her family members always give her!

We always take a family photo. ; )
Also. I wish I was as cute as my younger sister Sara. 

Last year I took Reaghan with us during our shopping because she was young enough to sleep through the whole thing and never be taken out of her carseat. This year - not a chance. haha so she took a bath at Grammy and PopPops, got dressed in Christmas jammies to mark the start of the new season, and then she went home with Mark to be put to bed,

As tradition has it, the girls got changed and ready to go shopping! We left at about 11:30 and stayed out til we got breakfast and 8. 
 We did the same thing last year and it didn't seem so bad, but this year I was struggling! Maybe its because Reaghan was wide awake at about that time and I was ready to fall into bed and sleep for 12 hours. haha. I got to take a short hour nap when she went down for a morning nap but it wasn't nearly enough. I'm not sure I can continue with this all night shopping thing! 
Don't get me started, but stores really ruined the fun of Black Friday by opening up at 6pm on Thanksgiving. We used to love waking up at 5 to get the deals! Now we miss the door busters because we refuse to leave family time just to shop, but we still love the fun of shopping in the dark  and the excitement of it all. Buuuuut maybe next year we can sleep and just get up early like we used to, since we miss the door busters anyways. I'll have to bring that up for a vote next year.

I loved this idea that I found on pinterest and put it up in our kitchen the week of Thanksgiving. 
We had some disappointing news the week of Thanksgiving - my sister and her husband had been going through some fertility treatments and she had her pregnancy test the Monday before Thanksgiving and unfortunately it was negative. This was a crushing blow.
Thankful that despite this life's struggles and heartbreak, we always have a Good and Loving God that gave his Son for us so that we can have eternal life.
With that as the foundation of our thankfulness, we can always find so much to be grateful for in the midst of our heart break. And thankfulness and praise have a unique way of lifting your spirits out of darkness and gloom and refocusing your perspective. Yes. Thank you Lord, Always.

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