Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

There were so many things for me to be thankful for as we celebrated this past Thanksgiving Holiday, but of course number one at the top of my thankful list is this little Turkey Bum cutie...

We started off the long holiday weekend by attending our church's Thanksgiving Eve service and Pie Fellowship. I had been anticipating this event at church since I was pregnant! I remember wanting Reaghan to stay inside of me long enough that my maternity leave would extend past Thanksgiving. I have worked Wednesday evenings for the past several years and haven't been able to attend the Thanksgiving Eve service since I was in college, so I was very excited to go! It's a great way to reset your perspective and cultivate an attitude of gratitude before celebrating the day. I hope to make this church service a priority now that we have a family.

 After church we came home and I put Reaghan in her adorable "My First Thanksgiving" pajamas. I think she liked them.

Thanksgiving morning we watched the parade, per tradition, and enjoyed some waffles and eggs for breakfast. I couldn't get enough of her in her pajamas!

 {Also - I know I'm being a proud first time mommy, but take a look at this kids tummy time skills!}

I finally convinced myself her Thanksgiving Day outfit would be just as cute as her PJ's and got her dressed.

We headed over to Mark's Granny's house first to celebrate with his family...

Love celebrating holidays with these sweet cousins. They don't notice each other too much just yet but we like getting them on the mat together and playing with them.

We left Mark's family around 3:30 to make it to my parent's dinner table by 4. You know, the usual "split the holiday in half when you're married and both families live in the same area" routine... :)

Reaghan is pretty much the center of attention at all of our family gatherings these days...

{Reaghan getting some love from my 3 sisters!}

{Aunt Erin is holding Reaghan about 50% of the time}

{My momma holds her the other 50%}

{And then my dad and everyone else try and get their hands on her as soon as Aunt Erin and Grandma aren't looking!}

After dinner and dessert we pull out the ads and make our shopping plans and lists. Unfortunately with the stores opening ON Thanksgiving day, Black Friday shopping just isn't the same. We've decided not to give up our Thanksgiving day just for sales, but we still love going out shopping and just spending time together as girls! We always make fun memories!

Don't judge me, but I totally took my 2 month old out shopping at midnight. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I fed her and gave her a bath at my parents at about 11:30pm - her usual bedtime - and she fell asleep in her carseat and stayed asleep the entire time we were shopping! Until 6:30am people! Even going in and out of the car and stores and hearing us talking the whole time {we weren't exactly whispering}. She stayed warm and snuggly and asleep all night. I love this baby.

We are so thankful for this beautiful little girl that has graced our family this year. She is healthy and growing and she is teaching us so much about love. We are grateful that she has made us parents. 

We are grateful to the Lord for the abundance of blessings that are evident in all area's of our life -  in our families, our friends, and our jobs. Blessings that we do not deserve. Above all, we are most grateful for the blood of Jesus that covers our sin and gives us the hope of eternal life. Without that, this life would be without meaning.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Poindexters!

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