Thursday, November 20, 2014

Love it or Leave it: Baby Items of the First 2 Months

When we were registering for baby items I honestly was unsure about 50% of the things we asked for. I searched list after list of recommended items to buy or register for before we actually made our own list and still I wondered if I would use everything or if I was forgetting anything extremely important.

So now that we're 2 months in, here are some items that we've found to be especially helpful:

Love it:

Halo SleepSack Swaddler:

We just swaddled her with blankets the first couple of weeks but as she got bigger she fit better in the sleep sack and it was so much easier in the middle of the night to just zip and unzip.

Rock N Play:

The little sleeper bassinet that Reaghan's in in the above picture is wonderful! Thats what she sleeps in next to my bed at night. It has a rocker base and a bit of an incline which has worked good for Reaghan because she struggles with some reflux. It folds up easily and I move it around the house if I need to sit her in something while I fix my hair or make dinner etc.

Baby Bath:

This tub works perfect for her bath times. I love the sling that attaches on top of it that she sits in right now. It holds her there perfectly. The tub part fills up and she can sit in the sling with her little booty in the water and enjoy the warmth. Once she outgrows the sling she can still recline on one side or sit up with support on the other side. The only down side is it doesn't fit over our sink, so we sit it in our tub, which then makes the following especially helpful!

Bath Knee and Elbow Pads:

These are the exact ones that we have. I wasn't convinced that we needed them when we registered for them but they have been really nice. Obviously, any knee or elbow pad will do, but if you're going to be leaning over the tub every day - it will save your knees to have something!

Seven Slings:
Some days when Reaghan is only happy when she's being held, this thing has been perfect to keep her close to me and still get a few things done around the house. It takes a little practice and tweaking to get it just right, but once we find the perfect position, it's beautiful!

Here she is a few weeks ago, snuggled up real close to me in the sling while I vacuumed. I love baby wearing. :)

Ergo Baby Carrier:
When I need a little bit more support than the sling gives me - I stick her in the ergo! Since my carseat doesn't hook over shopping carts, this is how I go grocery shopping now. It helps to keep her sleepy and quiet too so I can get through shopping without any baby melt downs.

This was before our walk today!

Sound Machine:

Obviously you can use a lot of different things to make some soothing noise for your baby to fall asleep too. We like this one because it had an mp3 plug and a night light on it. I have to admit, I'm getting a little addicted to the white noise! Plus we used this for her newborn pictures and it helped keep her asleep the whole time!

Leave It:

I don't want to add anything to the "Leave it" list just yet, since who knows what we will end up using that we just haven't gotten to yet. I did a thorough sweep of the nursery and I couldn't find anything that I thought we'd have used by now that we won't be able to use in the future. 

I'm sure as we go along some of the things we thought would be helpful will prove themselves to be the opposite and I will update this list as Reaghan continues to grow!

**No affiliations present in this post. As always, I am expressing only my opinions and experiences.**

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