Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

....and just like that Christmas has come and gone! Christmas was extra special this year; not just because we had a little one to buy for and be excited with, but because I had a baby that reminded me through out the season just how powerful it is that our Savior came as a baby.

The Lord of all creation was once just like my little baby. He needed to be nursed, changed, clothed, and swaddled. He needed to be burped, rocked to sleep, and soothed when he cried. Our King relied on his mother to keep him alive, when he had come from Heaven where he needed and wanted for nothing.  It is nothing less than shocking that our Redeemer chose the most vulnerable way to become man and having a baby in my care this Christmas season gave me new insight into the humility that Christ had coming to earth in that form. (Not to mention a new appreciation for Mary - it is sometimes nerve wracking and stressful caring for a baby, wondering if you're doing the right things - imagine knowing you were caring for the Son of God!) I'm so thankful for this Christmas season because in many ways I was able to focus more on the true meaning of the season than I ever have before.

An addition to the reflection on the birth of Christ, we also enjoyed 2 days packed full of family time, gift giving, gift receiving, and food devouring fun! Reaghan did add a new sparkle of exciting to all of the festivities. Including adorable clothes! I had so many Christmas outfits for Reaghan to wear that she had 5 wardrobe changes on Christmas Eve!

Finally ready to go over to Mark's Parents!

Sticking with our tradition we spent Christmas Eve with Mark's family at his parents house where Reaghan changed her outfit again so she could match her cousin Brooklyn.

And then one final change into her jammies!

Christmas morning we opened our stockings and a few gifts under the tree and helped Reaghan open her gifts! We even video taped me carrying her out to her stockings. It was a sweet morning friends. She didn't know what was going on; setting up her stocking and wrapping her presents was definitely more for me and Mark than it was for her - but I hope she'll treasure the videos when she is older.

After our morning home, we headed over to Mark's granny's for lunch and a few present exchanges. I was surprised at how many bought presents for Reaghan.

We were only there briefly before heading to my parents where we stayed for the rest of the night. We got there just in time to sit down for dinner with them. Growing up my parents always had stockings and a big gift for us setting out in the morning and then we would wait until the evening to open up the wrapped presents under the tree. This continues to work out well for us, so my married sister and I get a chance to see our siblings and parents open their presents and share in the gifting!

Reaghan was completely spoiled by her Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles!

Her most favorite gift was the Exersaucer from my parents!

After presents we ended up migrating to the kitchen to make caramel corn and other sweet treats! 

And then Reaghan endured one final outfit change into another set of Christmas pajamas!

We hope your Christmas was also filled with loved ones and sweet moments!

Merry Christmas from the Poindexters!

{A picture from our Christmas mini session that I forgot to share!}

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