Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve {2015}

I woke up today feeling pretty excited about this Thanksgiving weekend.

Nothing makes my heart sing like knowing we get to spend time with our families. We are so blessed to be able to see them regularly - but theres always something special about gathering around a holiday table, right?

Reaghan and I have been working hard this morning to get the laundry done, the house cleaned, and our outfits laid out for a busy day of visiting family tomorrow.

We are in charge of desserts so we have cookies to bake, a pumpkin cheesecake to prepare and, okay, I'll be honest, I bought a frozen apple pie so that just needs to stay in the freezer until its ready to be baked tomorrow. ; )

Now that our busy morning is done, Reaghan is down for a nap and I'm going to go burn a few calories - you know, as a pre-emptive strike for all of the deliciousness I'll be consuming tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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