Friday, November 13, 2015

Prayers for Paris

What a tragic and scary time happening in Paris right now.
I have to be honest, it overwhelms my heart every time I hear of another terrorist attack. It seems they are happening more and more frequently. Sometimes it feels as if it's only a matter of time before it will happen somewhere that either myself or people I love happen to be. I know these things are beyond my control and I have no plans to live in fear, but we now live in a time where terrorist attacks are a reality. And yes, its scary.  
A very sad and scary time.

Parisians are dealing with something they probably never dreamed of encountering. 
My prayers are with them.

My prayers are with the people of Paris tonight.
Those who have lost loved ones.
Those who have been injured.
Those are who treating the wounded.
Those are escaped the frightful night physically unharmed but emotionally and mentally scarred.
Those who are cleaning up the sites of disaster.
Those protecting and those who need protected.
Those who may need to make tough decisions in the coming days.

Even though it is overwhelming to see and hear of the tragedies in this world, as a christian, I do have hope. I do have something to hold on to. I can have confidence in one victory.
Do you need something to hold on to during crazy times like these? 

Thank you Lord!

Something to hold on to as I head to bed tonight that will bring peace to this soul.
I hope it will bring peace to yours as well.



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