Thursday, December 31, 2015

Merry Christmas Morning {2015}

When we got home Christmas Eve night we set up all of Reaghan's "stocking" gifts for her to walk out to and see first thing in the morning! This was so much more fun than last year! Who knew one of the best parts of Christmas would be setting gifts out for your kids? : )

Christmas morning we took it nice and slow. Reaghan woke up at her normal time of 8:30am. We made her wait at the end of the hall way while Mark got the video camera ready...

She had no idea what was going on, but she seemed pretty excited about whatever it was that mama and dada were getting ready for.

Her first stop was her this little wooden choo choo train. And it was the gift that she kept going back to to play with all morning.

Second stop? Her baby doll. This girl loves baby dolls, so we got her her very first "big girl" baby doll for Christmas. She loves it.

And then finally her kitchen!!! I'm so glad we got her this because she can't get enough of it. We loved to make "soup" together now :)

Here are some more pictures of our morning together...

Mark really wanted a popcorn maker for Christmas, like a movie theater popcorn maker, haha but I was a little bit of a scrooge and didn't want him to have it because where on the earth would I put that thing in my kitchen and ugh, I didn't want to think about cleaning it...
So his second choice was a whirly popper and that was totally doable.
He was excited to get it.

Along with a bunch of seasonings, butters and kernals.

I asked for 5 pound dumbbells and some picture frames. 

Reag sat in her high chair and ate breakfast and listened to music while we opened our presents from each other. It was a fun morning together!

After opening gifts we got dressed and got ready to swing by Mark's granny's for an hour to say hi and then on to my parents house!

I never take a lot of picture with my phone at my parents because Mallory always has her camera out taking nice pictures! As soon as I get those I'll finish up my Christmas posts with our afternoon evening at my parents!

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