Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting back in shape: update

Its been a little over a week since I decided to be a little more disciplined with getting my body back in shape after the holidays.

I did a soda fast for a week and completed the first week of P90X. Results?

0 pounds lost.


But 0 pounds gained. : )

Okay, I can go with that... its a start. I'm not going to be discouraged. I know it takes time to see and feel results so no getting down in the dumps after the first week. It's simply time to keep pressing on.

I did sip 1 or 2 glasses of soda over the weekend to end my fast but its time to keep that sugary stuff out of my diet during the week days.

I started the second week of P90X today and tried to keep my meals on the light and healthy side.

Breakfast? Egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel thin.

Recovery drink after the workout? Organic chocolate milk and of course some water.

Lunch? Strawberry's sprinkled with about 1 tsp of sugar and water.

Planning to do grilled chicken over some whole grain pasta tonight for dinner!

Here's to week 2 of staying healthy and fit!

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