Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well Balanced Wednesday

Finally back to our Well Balanced Wednesdays!

Erin and I kicked it off with some heavy duty exercise - compared to our usual Pilates inspired routines. We did a p90x cardio video AND took our pups on a walk around the block! Maybe the whole New Years resolution/time to get fit thing made us pump up our usual Wednesday workouts...? :)

Piper got a little tired on her walk, so she was happy to hitch a ride in the stroller for a few minutes to rest her little puppy legs! Her cousin Shelby pup could've handled a few more strolls around the block before her legs got tired!
(Stroller is for the little girl my sister Erin babysits for...)

Unfortunately we were so gung-ho about out exercising that we sort of ran out of time for our bible study... : / Next week. We'll do it next week. But how could we resist the near 70 degree's weather in January??? It was begging us to get outside and take a walk and watch the pups play in the yard.

I am so thankful for Wednesdays...Not many people work full time but still have the chance to get off at 12 (or earlier) in the middle of the week. I love being able to be at home and take care of things here at the house. Cleaning, laundry, cooking a decent meal and having it ready by the time my husband gets home from work, and creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for him when we gets home. Every other day of the week he is home at least 30 min before me and I'm rushing to get a meal on the table as soon as I walk in, not because he pressures me too but because I want to prove that I can handle both of the hats I'm wearing right now... that of the full time working wife and the homemaker. But between you and me, I can't wait till I can take off the working hat and focus fully on my home. 

I know I've been posting a lot of puppy pictures lately, but how can I not share this cute face???

She had to get a bath after her fun day outside. : )

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