Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well Balanced Wednesday

I totally bailed on my sister last Wednesday when we were supposed to do our bible study and work out because I was desperate to get one last long run in before my race this weekend. But we got back on track today!

We continued our study on the Women of the Bible with Sarah. Even though she had mistakes and failures along her journey, she demonstrated enviable faith. She followed her husband out of her home country...knowing only that God had spoken to her husband and not even having a bible to refer to. After her initial disbelief, she did come to believe God that she would conceive and acted on that faith. I liked how this study pointed out that the conception of Isaac was not an immaculate conception... Abraham and Sarah, in their old age, had to act to conceive a child. I guess now that I'm married I have a better understanding of how that might have gone down ; ) and can only wonder if part of the reason for naming their son with a name meaning "laughter" was because of the laughter that might have ensued as two elderly lovers worked to conceive a child.

On a more serious note... Sarah made it into the New Testament hall of fame as a leader of the faith along side her husband in Hebrews 11. Even though she lied on two different accounts about her husband, took things into her own hands by encouraging Abraham to produce an heir through her servant, treated her servant harshly when her own idea became a reality and then laughed at God when His messengers told her she would conceive a child. All of this and yet God still considered her to be faithful. It is good to know that God doesn't discount us when we mess up, and He continues to be faithful to us as we learn to trust and follow Him.

We did some Pilates Hip and Thigh toning today for our work out. We might have accidentally picked too much of an advanced video so we pretty much spent the whole time laughing at ourselves as we failed miserably to do it right. Oh well. Maybe I should just count today as another ab work out from all of the laughing???

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