Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wedding Shadow Box

There isn't much going on here this Sunday at the Poindexter house. It's pretty cold outside and about the only thing we've done is taken the day of rest literally today. (Which we should do more often because I've gotta tell you, its been nice.)

But I did have an empty frame laying on my recliner that I bought last weekend so I decided to do a little something with it in between my naps. :)

The shadow box frame from Michaels and my wedding memory box.
I'm pretty proud of myself that I was able to sort through some wedding memorabilia without one sentimental tear falling! 
I added a piece of scrapbook paper as the back ground - Blue to match our wedding colors.
My original plan was to put my bouquet in there, but it didn't quite fit. So I settled for Mark's boutonniere.
I put in our rehearsal dinner invitations, our wedding invitations, our wedding program, Mark's boutonniere, my garter and the little flower piece that I wore in my hair. 
And then I hung it above our dresser. I'm not sure if I want to keep it there, especially since I've been wanting to buy a mirror to put over the dresser.
But there was already a nail in the wall right there so that's where its at for now. :)
I'm telling you, I'm really keeping the work to a minimum today.

Just another view of the dresser.
Our Master Bedroom is the next thing on my list to make-over.
I just can't decide on a color scheme!

I hope you are enjoying a restful Sunday as well!

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