Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project Master Bedroom: Night Stands

Remember how I said Mark and I went to yard sales in my last post? Well we found this baby and his twin right around the corner from us. $10 for a piece for solid wood end tables that just happens to match our bed frame perfectly! 

We have been searching craigslist for end tables for weeks and couldn't find any we liked. Even though we weren't concerned that they necessarily matched our bed, we did want them to be somewhat nice. I was even tempted a couple of times to buy some $50+ ones at target that I really liked... can you imagine how upset I would've been if I had bought those and then found our perfect match for only  a fraction of the price?!? It would not have been pretty. Good thing my husband was there to give me a reality check when those pretty Target furniture displays had me ready to stray from our budget.

 Good things come to those that wait? I think yes. 

Now if only we could find a dresser....

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