Monday, August 6, 2012

Project Guest Bedroom: Wall Accents

We've been doing house projects on and off pretty much since our wedding... well pretty much since we bought the house last November. Our latest major projects have been our kitchen (we painted our cabinets and walls, I'll post pictures of that soon!) and our back bedrooms.

We have three bedrooms... The Master, The Guest Bedroom and The Music Room. We tried painting our music room and it turned out awful... I'm almost too embarrassed to show it! Maybe when we finally get around to re-painting it I'll have the courage to post it. Our Master bedroom hasn't even been touched. Weird right? Seeing as that is where WE are sleeping it would seem to make sense to finish that room first, but I guess we've been putting it off because in the midst of our crazy unfinished projects its nice to have a room that isn't in the middle of a makeover, ya know? Anyways, my latest area of focus has been on our Guest Bedroom. We painted it the same day we did our kitchen, with the help of my family, and ever since I've been dying to complete it! We were able to get a cute twin bed from Mark's parents that Mark used when he was little so we painted it white and it looks adorable with the white chair rail! But the room still isn't finished...

I'm thinking the things needed to make this room complete is a small bedside table, maybe a dresser/bookshelf?, and of course some wall decor.

I was at the beach this past Saturday with Mark's family where we went to dinner at a small seafood restaurant with a charming gift shop. I saw these in the store and immediately knew how I wanted to decorate that back bedroom.

The only problem was that these pretty babies were about $20 -30 bucks a piece... tempting but not gonna do it.

So instead I decided to try and make something similar myself. Only I would make the back white to pop against the blue/teal walls and the lettering the same color as the walls.

I bought some plane wooden picture frames and wooden canvases from Michaels craft store and a can of spray paint and went to work.

By the time my spray paint dried it had gotten dark outside so I set up shop on our fireplace!

Stenciling is a MUST for me. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination!
I used a pencil to outline all of the letters and then traced over with a small brush.

Ta Da! I think they turned out pretty good. A couple of the letters are crooked or not quite spaced perfectly but my sweet husband ensured me it looked better that way. : ) I'm happy with them. I mean I got three wall pieces for the price of one from the cute gift shop!

I'll post more as the room continues to make progress!

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