Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project Front Yard: Flower Beds

Okay, so I know in my last post I told you how I was all gung ho about finishing the guest bedroom with my new DIY wall decor pieces and all, but you see... the funny thing about projects like that is that they cost money. Money for a bed spread, a bedside table, a bookshelf, etc. etc. So seeing as we didn't have any extra money this weekend to put into our guest bedroom, we decided to do some house projects that only cost time and a little LOT of effort. : )

Enter first picture of the front of our house:
See where the arrow is pointing? The nasty flower bed that is completely taken over by this weird viney plant and shrubs? We've been wanting to clear it out all summer but we've barely spent a whole weekend at home without going out of town or having family plans since we've been married. (Okay that's a small exaggerations. I mean we really have been busy, but the weekends that we have spent at home we definitely decided to do other newly married things instead of clean our flower beds, if you know what I mean.) Today we were both finally home, up early from going to yard sales (I know... I said we didn't have any money, but our neighborhood was full of yard sales this morning so we just couldn't resist) and had no other plans for today! 

The result:

A cleaned out flower bed! 

Now all we need is money to buy the flowers. : )

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