Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Outdoor Projects Update!

Remember our Outdoor Projects we started back in April?

I'm so excited about how they've developed over the summer... despite my lack of a green thumb.

The front yard flower bed... my Lilies finally bloomed as well!

My Raised Garden Bed! 
Haha okay, so I know it looks a little crazy. And it is. There's definitely not enough room for all that I planted in it. I'm trying to get my cucumbers to grow up the lattice but its not really working. The cucumbers would much rather spill over the sides. But thats okay - I like cucumbers... so they can just keep growing to their hearts content wherever they'd like.

Here are some of my first fruits. :)

I know the picture doesn't show this too well, but that cucumber is HUGE! I was a little afraid when I saw it in the garden. It had fallen out of the garden bed between the bed and fence and so it had gone unnoticed for probably a couple weeks now! Thankfully I found it and picked it before it grew into the mutant cucumber. ; )

Oh and one more update!

Remember the Bathroom Project that Mark worked on for me while I was participating in the triathlon??

I'm thrilled with how it turned out! It was a royal pain in the butt - but its done. Seriously, my husband is so good to me. I would've given up without him. In fact there was a moment when we were trying to put the shelves up and the wall just wouldn't hold the screws securely - I was so frustrated I walked out of the bathroom, sat down and started to cry. 
That's how much of a struggle this bathroom make over was!
The shelves were the final touches and I just wanted them to be hung up without a hitch.
Mark was the hero though, he just kept working despite my emotional responses and we eventually got the shelves up. : ) Praise God for the differences between men and women, right?

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