Sunday, July 28, 2013

Europe Trip: Days 1-3 in the UK!

Cheers from England! 

We've spent 2 whole days in the UK so far and are enjoying every minute! (I wrote a post in the airport as we were getting ready to leave but just realized it never published! But it's up now :)) 

Our plane ride across the pond was uneventful. We just didn't get as much sleep as we were hoping for! 

We arrived in London Heathrow airport at 1am our time but 6 am here! At that point I was at 20 hours of little to no sleep. But because we wanted to avoid jet lag for the rest of our trip,our friends that picked us up did a wonderful job of keeping us up until 9pm that night! Which was about 
31 hours of not sleeping! It was a struggle and our heads were definitely bobbing during the car rides as we tried to fight sleep but it was worth it! Today we felt as good as new! 

We made a very American stop right after we left the airport :) we were starving and tired! We needed a little something easy to pick us up before the sight seeing! 

 Stonehenge! What a privilege to be able to look at something that was constructed by ancient civilizations... Not a replica but the actual thing that they built! And such a mysterious one too!

Mark fought the sleep the best he could but the hour long van ride made sleep sooo enticing! 

Sunday Roast at the local pub in Oundle, England! The small town where our friends live and where we've spent the first 2 days.

We visited Norfolk Lavender Farms! (Left Norfolk,VA to come to Norfolk, England!) I got some essential oils and soaps!

We visited Norfolk Beach as well! It was low tide so the beach stretched out for miles it seemed! We couldn't even see the water but it was cool walking on what is usually the ocean floor.

We ended the night with Fish and Chips! The best around we were told ;) and it actually was pretty delicious! Although not a fan of how the British don't serve ice in their drinks haha I love ice in my soda! But I managed :)

Tomorrow we are up early to catch the tube into London! Lots of sight seeing and walking! 

Sending love from the UK, 


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  1. It looks like there was lots to see and do doing your trip. The food looks great as well!