Friday, August 9, 2013


We are home!

Just a short post with no purpose other than to say we made it home.

Our flight back was without incident. Thank goodness because the day after we got back there was a bomb threat on a U.S airways plane coming out of the same Ireland airport we were at just a day before we left!

I'm so glad to have my puppy back too! I missed our sweet girl. Theres nothing like the way your dog greets you after you've been gone for a while. The way their tails wag uncontrollably, so much that their whole body is shaking and they almost look like they're smiling.  There aren't too many people that get that excited to see you when you come home. 

She's happy to be home in her own bed!
(Except right here she's just mad that I woke her up. How dare I disturb her just to take a picture??)

Anyways! So glad to be home sweet home.
Just in time for my little sisters 20th Birthday tomorrow!

We're having a girls day with pedicures and massages.

Can I be any more spoiled this summer???

Some, if not most, of the posts from our trip are posted on dates later than what they were written. I didn't have service over there so could only post from wifi areas even if I wrote them in "non" wifi areas. Then they apparently wouldn't post when I thought they did - like the last 2 or 3 that I had to repost just now - so then I would re-publish them and hope the wifi signal was strong enough to get it through. Just FYI incase you were wondering why they didn't really coincide with the trip. :)

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