Saturday, August 17, 2013

12 mile run + last weeks workout schedule

Its so hard to get back in to a workout routine after vacation, isn't it?? It's way more tempting to sleep! Sleep feels so good on vacation you just want it to never end...

But I did manage to get some workouts in this week and I'm glad I did! Here's what my work out schedule looked like:

p90x - Chest and Back + Ab ribber x - Oh push ups and pull ups galore!!! I am good at neither!

2 mile walk with Piper and the husband : ) This one didn't really get my heart rate up but burn any fat, but it got us moving after dinner on a rare cool night and our puppy definitely enjoyed it. :)

p90x - Leg and Back - stairs were not my friend the next day OR the day after that. Muscle soreness to the extreme! But thats what I get for not being consistent.

2 mile jog + an Ab workout  - I took my Piper with me for this one too. She loves to run! I kept it short because of the muscle soreness from Wednesday!

REST! Fridays are usually my long run mornings since I don't work on Fridays, but we went to the Redskins Training camp up in Richmond so I postponed until today.

12 mile run! - 10 miles by myself and 2 miles with my pup for a total of 12 miles! But everything was working against me this morning! Do you ever have mornings like that? I woke up to rain - which instantly tempts me to jump back in to bed.  I could feel some cramps coming on (thank you dear period. you always show up at the most inconvenient time.) AND my ipod that had been on the charging dock all night long, never actually charged. 12 miles without any music??? I seriously thought about ditching the whole run. But with only 10 more weekends between now and my race I knew I couldn't afford to skip it. So I went out and did it. And of course now I'm glad I did it! 

Sunday, tomorrow, will be a rest day before starting next weeks workout routine. Hopefully I won't get as sore!

How was your workout routine this past week?

Do you find its easier to stay motivated to work out when you're working towards a goal?

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