Monday, August 5, 2013

Europe Trip: Day 5 in London

Another busy day in London! We woke up to dark cloudy skies and drizzle -typical London weather- but we didn't let it ruin our fun. We headed out with our rain coats and braved the Tower of London anyways :) 

We got an up close look at the Crown Jewels of the Royal family dating all the way back to the 14th century, walked in the tower where Henry the VIII had his many wives beheaded and toured the castle walls and rooms seeing places like Sir Raleigh's prison quarters, the bridge over the moat, and the bloody tower where two princes were murdered so their uncle King Richard could take the throne! So much History to soak in! And surprisingly we didn't even see all of it. We were there from 9-1 and could've been there til it closed at 3, there's that much stuff to see! England has such a deep rooted history, as many European countries do. As a Americans, our nation is still a baby compared to most with less than 500 years under our belts. 

After the Tower tour we set off in search of the famed department store Harrods...

Not. Worth. The. Hassle. It took forever to get there! It was supposed to have great food, but it was ridiculously expensive and there was no where to sit! Way too many people. Any shopping was out of the question because of the prices so we headed down the street to get some more fish and chips :) de-licious.

Our last 2 London experiences were a river cruise and a ride on The Eye! We got to see a birds eye view of London in the sunset...

Just some yummy sugar cinnamon popcorn we ate as we walked along the Thames back to the apartment :) (ps - this picture was taken at like 9:30 at night... See how light it is outside???)

And then it was back to the apartment. Time to sleep because we have another early morning tomorrow. Leaving the apartment at 6 am to catch the Train through the Chunnel to get to Paris!

Goodbye from London for the last time! :)

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