Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5 Year Anniversary

Last weekend Mark and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary by taking a quick overnight trip to D.C. Mark really surprised me a couple months ago when he suggested going out of town for our anniversary and then he planned the whole thing out for us! We left early Friday morning and headed straight up to the Air and Space Museum's annex hanger outside of D.C. Neither of us had been there before so we were both excited to check it out. Mark was especially excited because he wanted to see the space shuttle!

After we spent a while there we grabbed some lunch on the way in to the city. When travelling without your 3 month old...

The hotel we were staying at was going to charge $50 a night for parking! Yikes! Mark looked on some online discussion boards for suggestions on cheaper places to park in the city and some super nice stranger offered to leave us a parking pass in his apartment complex that would allow us to park there for the night for free! It worked out so good! It was only one metro stop from the hotel and it saved us $100! We stayed at a beautiful Omni hotel that's held presidential inaugural balls, JFK's funeral, the Beatles and lots of other famous people. We felt pretty high class staying there for the night! The picture doesn't really do the lobby any justice.

After we checked in we decided to head out to the National Mall and see the monuments even though it was raining outside. It was supposed to rain all day Saturday too so we thought we'd go ahead and do the Monuments that afternoon and the Museums the next day. We got a little wet but we had blast walking around in the drizzle together and there were almost no crowds so that was a bonus!

We really wanted to checkout Hill Country BBQ that night for dinner but the wait was over an hour long. Lucky for us they had a to-go counter so we got our food and took it back to the hotel and ate our dinner there. Which honestly, eating together in our quiet hotel room was so much better than eating at the noisy restaurant.

The next morning we toured the Capitol Building! We had never been inside of it before we learned a lot of new things - like how the room that's under the center dome of the building was meant to be a tomb for George Washington! Whaaattt?! He was supposed to be buried there, but his family didn't want him moved from his home in Mt. Vernon. We saw statues and paintings and learned some fun tidbits of history. It was awesome.

It actually didn't end up raining the rest of the day on Saturday so in hindsight we probably should've done the museums Friday and walked the Mall on Saturday but oh well! We grabbed lunch at Good Stuff Eatery, a burger place near Capitol Hill and it oh. my. gosh. it was delicious! Apparently it was a place the Obama's went to so that was cool.

We walked around the Museum of Natural and American history and also walked down to the White House.

We had such a fun 36ish hours just being the two of us. The little getaway came at the perfect time for us - 3 months in to being parents of 2 precious little girls who we couldn't love more but who keep us busy most of our waking hours aaaaannnd even some of our sleeping ones too. ;)  We needed a few moments to reconnect, love on each other and have some fun together. {Even though we saw a hundred or more things that we thought Reaghan would love and wished she were there to see! It must be the irony of parenthood ya know? Sometimes you just want a break, but the minute you have a break you wish you were all together as a family again.} 

I'm so grateful for my parents for watching the girls so we could have this time together. It was perfect in all of its memory making glory! Its hard to believe its been 5 years since we said our I Do's and promised forever to each other. Time goes by a little too fast I think. I'm really not sure that forever is going to be long enough. 

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