Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mother's Day

Apparently I'm just going to continue my trend of posting about events weeks after they happened. ; )

We had a fun and full Mother's Day a couple weeks ago. We got home from our D.C. trip late Saturday night and we were up early the next morning for church! I bought the girls adorable matching dresses from H&M and I wore the dress I wore on my first Mother's Day 3 years ago. I looked a little more put together that morning when I only had one babe to get ready for church and we didn't have to be there an hour early for worship band practice but I still treasure my Mother's Day picture with my sweet girls.

We unintentionally matched my mother and sister-in-law with the girls in denim dresses and the mom's in floral. Our sweet new niece, Anslee Marie, who was born on April 18th, was dedicated that morning so I'm glad we got a quick picture.

After church we went home to change and then headed back to my parents for our first lunch of the summer in their backyard by the pool. My Dad grilled us up some thick, juicy steaks! Erin got me a really cute #momlife tank that I had to wear aaaaand I dressed the girls alike again in Carter's outfits that I got from Marshall's. 

I'm so thankful for my mommy. 
She challenges and encourages me in my motherhood and she is what I strive to be like as I raise my girls. I've inherited her proud, opinionated character traits which sometimes has us seeing things differently, but she is also wise and steady and strong and I hope one day I can claim that I am those things as well because of her. 
She's also a pretty great Grammie to her granddaughters! 

I've been on a fresh flower kick recently so Mark brought home some beautiful roses for combo anniversary/mom's day gift. I guess that's a bonus for him having Mother's Day and our anniversary happen in the same weekend. ; )

He got me a necklace with Reaghan and Lilly's names and birthstones on them that I L.O.V.E! For some reason the picture won't load so you'll just have to take my word that it's really sweet.
He also got me a little devotional book to do with Reaghan and my sweet sister Sara made me a cute mother's Day craft with the girls while we were on our trip. I love it and it's definitely going in the girls little memory box. I love their sweet little feet!

Side note:
I just realized I never took a picture of the gifts I made my mom and mother in law and I'm so bummed because they turned out so cute! Little footprint and hand print designs on a flower pot with some flowers {obviously} planted inside. Reaghan had so much fun helping me pick out the flowers and plant them after painting the pots with me. I've got to snap a picture the next time I'm over at my moms because I was so proud of them! I love crafty things that involve hand prints and footprints in any capacity. I may have boxes and boxes of them by the time my kids are adults! :) 

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