Monday, May 11, 2015

My First Mother's Day

My sweet Reaghan, You will always be the one that made me a mama.
You will always be the little girl that burst my heart wide open; the one that introduced me to a deeper love than I'd ever know before.

You have shown me so much in the short time you've been a part of my life.
You've taught me how I need to be selfless, patient, and gentle.
You've taught me about humility, joy, fear and courage.
Every day I learn something new about you, about myself and about our Lord.
You cause me to draw near to God because I have a new understanding of how He must love us; 
and I have a renewed passion for prayer as I earnestly lay you at His feet, 
praying for your life and your salvation.

I am so grateful for you, my beautiful, blue eyed babe. 
I am so glad that I get to be your mama.


My first Mother's Day was a delight! What a privilege it was to stand among the mothers at church when we were asked to rise in order for others to lay hands on us and pray for us. 

Mark and I spent the day celebrating with both of our families and honoring our mothers. We are more thankful for them than ever now that we have a first hand look at the things they did for us. I'm sure this appreciation will only deepen as we experience more and more parenting moments!

Mark spoiled me with a gift certificate to my favorite nail salon - I LOVE getting pedicures. And he made two adorable crafts with Reaghan! I'm super impressed that he was able to get a hand and foot print all by himself and I love that he took the time to do that with Reaghan. 
His daddy skills make me fall more in love with him all of the time.

We didn't get very many pictures of our afternoon with the families, but I did make sure to get this generational picture of my mom, Reaghan and myself. I hope I can be as wonderful of a mom to Reaghan as my mom was and still is to me.

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